Tips for after the first date

After having your first date with the person you met online, you realized that it exceeded your expectations and you realized that he is “the right person” for you, but what can be done after the first meeting?

Do not despair.

Take a deep breath, use your emotional intelligence and make this first encounter the beginning of a beautiful love story.

Try it!

Conquer slowly and triumph!

Tips for after the first date

1. Do not despair if you do not hear from the other person immediately after the meeting.

You are beginning to bond with someone whose sentimental and personal history you still know very little about.

That he does not write or call immediately does not mean he has no interest in seeing you again.

2. Put aside your prejudices.

Do not think that because you are a woman you can not be the one to take the first step.

There are men who love to be “conquered”, as long as they do it with subtlety.

3. Always remember: “The higher the pressure, the more resistance”.

Give space to the other person to accommodate his ideas and think if he wants to go out with you again or not.

Bombing someone with messages, emails or chats, is invasive and only manages to push away an eventual suitor.

4. Time to time.

That your date is “fascinated” with you, does not guarantee that this relationship will prosper.

Let things flow and time will show you if there are foundations for that relationship.

5. Facts, not words.

Logically, you can not ask too many actions to whom you are just meeting. But stay tuned.

Whoever really wants to know you more, see you, go out with you and be with you will show it with his actions.

6. Whoever wants, moves.

In what love is concerned, do not exist phrases such as: “I can not see you”, “I could not call you”.

Whoever is excited to meet another person is looking for the time to do it.

7. Appeal to creativity.

Seduction is an art.

Try to get out of the common places in sentimental matters and do what your heart dictates. The genuine, what you feel, is what finally remains.

Try not to force things, if they have to be given, they will be given.

It is useless to create strategies, simulations, etcetera. If this story has ink, it will be written chapter by chapter.

And you, what do you do after the first date?