Things you shouldn’t do if want him to make fall in love

Here I’ll let you know the things that you should not do under any circumstances if you want to make a man fall in love.

Things you shouldn’t do if want him to make fall in love

1. Do not make him get a bad habit.

If you really want to know how to make a man fall in love, you must show yourself mysterious and leave him with the desire from time to time.

If you give everything you have at once, you will have an adverse effect. Since he will see that he can get things from you with minimal effort.

There will come a point where he will feel totally saturated with yourself, that’s why it’s important to go little by little, and not being anxious.

The interest must be maintained over time. So you should rationalize your time with him so that he wants more and more from you.

2. Do not show yourself completely transparent.

I know you usually talk about being yourself. And effectively your essence should never be lost.

When I say do not show yourself totally transparent, I mean you must maintain that mysterious aura to make your boy fall in love.

What is involved is that he will discover you little by little, which is why you should show yourself clearly.

You must know what makes him curious so that you can hide it a bit. In this way, you will grow his curiosity, which ultimately is the most important thing.

3. That man is not the only one.

You must have as a fundamental principle the idea that no man, no woman, is unique in the world. So you should not treat him as such.

A very typical situation is when both are with their group of friends, and most are men. It is totally normal for you to talk with one of his friends, you could even feel a lot of affinity in a subject with him.

It may sound counterproductive, but it is not like that. If he manages to see that his chances with you can be jeopardized, he will try harder to get your attention.
This is when you call the alpha male that is inside him. You will make him more interested in you, and he will give his best to seduce you.

And this is much better than going after him. Don’t you think?

4. Jealousy does not help.

To some extent, jealousy can be interesting to let him know that you are interested but if you show yourself that way from the beginning, you’re not going to get anything. You will rather look like a psychotic.

If you see him flirting with some girl, it is totally normal to tell him in a calm way, and even with humor. This will be the only thing you can do to get him to pay attention to you again. The sickly jealousy does nothing but drives men away.

If you push hard, he will realize that a more serious relationship with you will be a nightmare. He will see that he is immersing himself in a claustrophobic and distressing relationship.

If so, he will want to get away from you as soon as possible.

5. Do not assume anything.

Do not assume that he is crazy about you, nor assume he does not want to know anything about you.

Any assumption you make will end up hurting you. So just let yourself go and get rid of certain prejudices that make you avoid taking the first step.