Things you should not do to attract a man

Have you ever chased a boy that interests you?

Surely your answer is no when the reality is the opposite and you do not even have an idea that you do it.

It sure sounds crazy to you. How are you going to persecute someone without knowing him?

But the truth is that many times our attitude is often much more revealing than we think and small actions that we consider harmless leave you uncovered when a boy interests you.

It is normal that when you like a person you want to get their attention, but you can not be evident in it. Nobody likes what is necessarily on sale.

As much as you want to show that you are available and willing to go out with him, you do not do yourself any favor by showing it.

It can be frustrating to have to wait for him to act, and even the idea of making yourself difficult seems cliché, but there is a reason why it works.

To help you, we leave you with a list of the things you should NOT do to make him come to you without feeling pressure.

Things you should not do to attract a man

1. Do not call him unless he has done it first.

In the mind of a boy, when a woman calls or writes to him to know about him, it is because she feels something special.

If you initiate contact with text messages or a call because you saw something that reminded you of him or because you want to know how he is, it is likely that he will immediately notice that you like him, feeling that you are available and then slowly losing interest because you look a very easy woman.

Make yourself interesting! Ignore him a bit, go on with your life and let him call you to talk.

2. Do not Invite Him to go out.

We know that you feel an interest in him and that you would like to be able to share more time, even going out together for the weekend. That is normal.

But if you are the one who approaches, invites him, makes the plan and decides where to go, he will notice that you are too interested in dating him.

Again, that makes you look available and easy. If you are not a challenge, you will lose his attention. And if you constantly ask him to confirm his plans and insist on seeing him, the situation will get worse.

3. Do not ask him how he feels or show interest in him.

It may seem polite and simple, but asking someone how they feel is the most basic and obvious way to show interest.

It is not about making him think you do not care, but neither should he feel that he is special above others.

In that sense, men are very basic and they like what they can not have, if you show yourself indifferent or unaltered by their presence, surely he will be attracted to you.

4. Accelerate the relationship you have.

Honestly assume the level of trust that exists between you.

If you are already friends if you are acquaintances if you really have a strong relationship that justifies that there is a true closeness.

If you are just getting to know him, if he is a fellow student or a work colleague, you should try to maintain a relatively distant relationship.

It is not logical that you approach to tell your deepest feelings and secrets to a person who does not know you so much.

Nor does it make sense to make big gestures, such as celebrating him his birthday and making him a surprise if there is not a real close friendship relationship between you.

If he would not do it for you, do not do it for him.

Many times, even if you have good intentions, those acts only expose what you feel for that boy and make you look desperate and in need of his affection.

That is the fastest way to make him flee from your side.