Things you should not do on the first date

Your BF recently introduced you to one of her best friends and since that day you have not stopped talking on WhatsApp.

That’s why when he invited you to go out, what you immediately did was running to call her and jump all over your room.


Because let’s be honest, the first date with that guy who has been moving your floor for months is something that causes excitement and nerves to anyone.

For this reason, and to help you to make that encounter unforgettable in a positive way, then I tell you the things you should avoid doing.

Things you should not do on the first date

1.-Talk about your ex.

Even if there is an opportunity to mention it, do not do it.

Put yourself in his place and imagine how you would feel if he starts to tell you all about his previous love.

2.- Wait for him to pay everything.

A woman with economic independence is a quality that many men appreciate, so do not be afraid to say: “how much is it?”

3.- Talking of future plans for both.

This can scare him.

Remember that it is the first date and you still need to know each other, do not make him run away.

4.- Let him understand that you already have a relationship.

Doing that can cause him to believe that you are desperate to have a partner.

Be careful!

5.- Check your phone every 5 minutes.

Since it’s the first time you go out together, chances are your friends want to know everything and send you messages.

Wait to answer, because you could make him think that you do not care about his company.