Things Women do that Terrify Men

Imagine that they are bunnies in the forest that are frightened by any noise. In the case of a relationship, the boys flee when they see or hear certain things that, for more that you want it, you should avoid doing.

If you want to keep your partner, you should NOT do these things, but if you want to get rid of him, then do them.

Things Women do that Terrify Men

1. Spying on his cell phone.

If he forgot his cell phone there, and you are one of those who cannot miss the opportunity and take it to read the messages … He will get angry and with a good reason. As much as to abandon you …

2. Mention the words commitment, marriage, and children in a conversation.

There are few things that make a boy nervous, and one of them is when you talk about things like getting married and having children very often …

Maybe he does not want to commit yet and you’re just getting him to run away in terror.

3. Harass him everywhere.

If you “like” all his photos or if you ask him why he liked someone or something, or if you know where he is going to go with his friends and you appear surprisingly and all those stalker attitudes, you will terrify him Too much …

He’s even going to ask a policeman to keep you away from him.

4. Introduce him to your parents.

At the moment this happens, he will believe that the relationship has become more serious than that of a couple who has been married for 30 years, with 4 children and 3 grandchildren …

Long-term commitments are something that overwhelms them and makes them tremble the little knees of nerves and fears.

Better let him be he who decides when he goes to have that dreaded meeting.

5. Not leaving him free time.

As you read it, do not take all his time, let him be and also share time with his friends.

If you want to go everywhere with him and want to be together all day, he will start to get tired and want to breathe a bit on his own.

Then he will know that you are one of those possessive girls and will say goodbye to you forever.

6. The Premature words “I love you”.

Yes, it is risky to tell a man that you love him, especially when the relationship is 1 week old. It’s too early for you to be so intense with those deep feelings.
Better relax and leave those statements for later, let time say that everything is perfect in the relationship.

7. Wanting to change him.

They were created like this, with all their defects and virtues and that’s how you liked him. Why would you want to change him?

We do not know, but women start by telling their partner to quit smoking, drinking, to buy other clothes better and little by little they want to transform their boyfriend into another person …

Well, before that happens they already realized it and they left for China.

8. Being the psychopathic girlfriend.

Being the psychopathic girlfriend will not only make him escape but you will also make him call the authorities and get a bodyguard.

If you alter yourself and ask him what he was doing, where he was and with whom each time you separate for 5 minutes, you are becoming a psychopathic girlfriend …

It is better to give her space and time not to suffocate her.

9. Being a crybaby.

Without a doubt, it is something that no boy can stand.

If you cry because the car does not turn on, because the taxi does not pass, because there is no hot water or anything similar, he will think that there will be serious consequences when something really happens that is worth the tears …

And consequently, they will get away from you.

10. However, there are things that definitely DO NOT make men flee. On the contrary …

It’s all about everything you do in bed and giving it hard.

If there is no action and there are no crazy nights to be enjoyed by both, then the relationship has no meaning … Or that is what he will think and leave.