Things that no woman should say on her first date   

After a first date, some women live on the expectation that the man they like will call them and invite them to a second meeting; however, there are some things that a woman should not say on the first date to guarantee that she will maintain that person’s interest.

According to Christine Gallagher, a couples therapist, she points out that the information we share with a person on the first date is very important to maintain interest or to distance it from our side.

Do not make these mistakes!

The specialist and author of the book “The Woman`s Book of Divorce”, points out that the following topics should be prohibited to women during the first meeting.

Things that no woman should say on her first date

1. Everything related to your ex.

Forget the ghost of your previous partner, you would only give a sample of how you are in your relationships and how obsessive you are.

2. Your finances.

It is not sensual at all if you share the financial state in which you find yourself, with or without problems, surely he is not interested in these moments.

3. Information about your pet.

Unless both of you are animal lovers, it can be a bit boring to talk about that subject and encourage him to end the meeting at that time.

4. Diseases.

The first meeting is not the right time to share your physical ailments or diseases, if you do it, the most obvious thing is to stay away from you.

5. Diets.

For you can be very important to care of your body, however, there are thousands of issues that you can address, before telling him what you eat and what you don’t to keep yourself in shape.

6. Sexuality.

A first date is not a time to talk about your past sexual experiences, or what you like or do not like in intimacy.

7. Politics.

This topic is very conflictive since you could share different points of view, so something romantic can become an argument.

8. Unusual habits.

The things you do on a daily basis are sometimes not very healthy or attractive, so leave the subject of hobbies for meetings where there are a greater confidence and communication.

9. Desires to establish a family.

If you want him to escape from the place, you should only mention the word “family”, “marriage” and “children”.

Forget about this topic on the first date and enjoy the company of this person.

10. Emotions found.

Even though a long time has passed without you agreeing to a date or having a stable partner, he should not know about this.

The emotions of loneliness and sadness leave them for your therapist.

For the first date, you only need to show how you really are, your personality and your immediate interests, without going into the subject so much, since you are only getting to know each other.

Remember the phrase “the first impression is never forgotten”.

And you, what have you done on the first date that did not work?