Things that all men want you to do on the first date

When women are at that age when commitment becomes increasingly difficult, and past love disappointments become an obstacle every time you meet a new man, it is easier for them to end up self-sabotaging a first date with a man, making those small mistakes that will easily make the opportunities to generate chemistry and attraction fail.

Things that all men want you to do on the first date

Things that all men want you to do on the first date

However, on a date not everything is fear; there is also hope to meet the right person, and they both feel it in the background.

So this time men confess the 10 things that they love you to do on the first date.

Things that all men want you to do on the first date

1. Take initiative when greeting and saying goodbye.

When you meet, you decide if you kiss him on the cheek, grab his hand, or hug him; and the same for when you say goodbye to him.

Somehow, they will always wait for you to decide what type of contact.

2. Do not pay attention to the first inconsistencies that he says.

They are just as nervous as women are: they do not know what to expect, how to react, or if they are sure of what they are doing; so the less you pay attention to those uncomfortable first details, the easier the chemistry will be.

3. Do not ask about past relationships.

Touching the topic of past relationships is always something uncomfortable to talk about when you are facing someone who attracts you; so they will always avoid that conversation at all costs.

4. Let him be a gentleman with you.

Do not let your bad experiences make you insensitive to the nice details of a new person.

He will like you to let yourself consent.

5. Try to take out the wallet to pay for dinner.

This does not mean that they want you to pay, but they love that moment when you start taking money out and they stop you so that they cover the bill.

This makes them feel like true heroes of chivalry.

6. Give him a couple of compliments so he can feel confident.

Some discreet compliment, from his clothes or his tastes; Nothing too compromising, but a reminder to let him know that you are paying attention and that you even enjoy his company.

7. Avoid those uncomfortable silences.

Silences do not necessarily have to be uncomfortable.

You can just make a little eye contact, enjoy the place, the music, and let the conversation flow.

8. When you challenge his opinion.

They will like to know how you think and react to some topics, so whenever you challenge their opinion, they will feel the curiosity to know more and so they can get hooked on you in a kind of game/debate, which he will always let you win because he is a gentleman.

9. Do not mention or speak badly of your ex.

If talking about your past relationships is forbidden, talking about yours is more than a sin!

Never do it, not only is it bad to speak badly of someone who is not present; mentioning your ex will only make him notice that you have not overcome it.

10. When you are yourself.

Nothing will please him more than your spontaneity and if he feels that you have the confidence to be yourself and without looking anything else, he will feel comfortable doing the same.