Things That A Person In Love Should Have Forbidden

Love is the most beautiful thing in this world, but like everything in this life, it should also have its rules.

I propose these:

Things That A Person In Love Should Have Forbidden

1. Saying “I love you” ahead of time.

There are people who after 3 days of going out with someone are already saying they love him.

No Please!

That scares anyone, wait at least a few months.

2. Getting a tattoo without having years of relationship.

It is beautiful to get a tattoo for love, but you must be sure that this love will last as long as the tattoo.

3. Talking about your ex.

There is nothing wrong with talking about the past to get to know each other, but there is a limit.

You can not spend your life remembering the past.

4. Introducing your parents prematurely.

It has been 3 days that you met him already and he wants to introduce you to his parents.

That can cause heart attacks, you have to give time to time.

5. Having the need to show on Facebook that he is in love.

It’s good that you’re in love, but believe me, it’s not necessary that you try to demonstrate it every day on social networks.

People do not care.

6. Posting your fights on social networks.

If people do not care about your love states, less your dramas.