Things Men Expect On A First Date

The first impression is always the one that counts and sometimes the first date can be a disaster.

And if you really don’t know what he can expect, check out these 10 things men do notice.

Things Men Expect On A First Date

1. If you are grateful.

Many men have the detail of inviting on the first date, regardless of whether it is a coffee or a three-course dinner. But at least, they expect a thank you in return. Do not forget that it is not really his obligation, but a gesture of chivalry. And a good thing is also you to try to cooperate with the bill.

Even if they are going to pay, they always expect you to at least try.

2. Your attention.

Do not stick to the cell phone telling your friends how you are doing. What he expects is that you really pay attention to him. And this is not only on the first date but always.

3. Clear signals.

Many times they need to know if there will be a second date or if you are having a good time. Do not send wrong signals and then be offended if they want to kiss you.

4. No drama.

On the first date try not to suffocate him with all your problems, your past traumas or why the diet is costing you so much work.

They don’t want tantrums from the first moment, so you better avoid comments like this. Punctuality is a sign of respect for the other person and there is nothing better than being punctual on the first date.

Although in the future it may take hours getting ready, don’t give a bad impression from the start.

6. A smooth and pleasant conversation.

There is nothing worse than those awkward silences, and the same way you want to avoid them, so do they. Do not limit yourself and know him better with a good conversation.

7. Do not talk just about yourself.

Just do not spend the time talking about yourself and much less bring the subject of your ex.

Give him space so that he also opens up without pushing him, or asking him such intense questions.

8. Sex?

Many men want it to happen on the first date, but it is not what they really want from a woman they will continue dating.

Although some swear that it is the key to see if there’s chemistry, it is best to wait. The vast majority appreciate it much more.

9. That you consider him funny.

Men love knowing you’re having a good time and that their joke was great. They expect you to be smiling and have a good time. So if there is chemistry, don’t forget to smile.

10. Self-confidence.

Do not be self-conscious. It is not time to think about how fat you are or how short your hair is. What he wants is to see that he is with a self-confident woman to whom he will surely want to see again