Things Men Do Not Like About Women And Do Not Say It

I set about investigating and came across an article by Farrah Gray, author of “Get Real, Get Rich”, where, from a male point of view (finally) reveals things that men don’t like about women, but that they won’t tell you.

Check them out!

Things Men Do Not Like About Women And Do Not Say It

1. That you become dependent.

Many women when they fall in love, put aside family and friends to spend more time with that “special man.”

Well, the fact that women put all their emotional needs on them is something that men do not find attractive.

2. Your high expectations.

Men are not the blue princes of the movies (although women want it very much), they are just human beings. That is why they do not like women to hope that they are perfect in everything; Of course, you must have expectations from them, such as they should be respectful, but these must be realistic.

3. Controlling.

Well, it is by nature and perhaps to a “slight” degree, it is tolerable to them. However, when women try to control everything at every moment they may get suffocated. And men are also designed to make decisions (they love doing it), so you have to give them that opportunity.

4. Jealousy.

Ok, this is not a secret, men really do not like women who are excessively jealous. Firstly because they are scared of that, and secondly because they have friends and family with whom they want to spend time without causing a “war” for that.

5. That you flirt with other guys.

It just seems disrespectful to them (of course, it bothers you that they do it too). Women may sometimes do it to “verify his interest”, however, you are more likely to end up in a big fight than with a bouquet of roses in your hands.

6. If you are boring.

Speaking specifically in love relationships, guys don’t like their partner to get bored. They expect you to be spontaneous from time to time, to surprise them with an “exciting” weekend, and thus keep the spark on longer.

7. When you try to change them.

Whether they are your friends or partner, men hate that women try to “mold” them to their liking or you ask them to change only for yourself. Men want you to love them for what they are (qualities and defects) and to help them be better than they can be.

8. The ultimatums.

Using the classic: “If you don’t do this, it’s over”; is an attitude that men dislike. And in part they are right, you should be able to express what you dislike, negotiate and reach agreements without having to resort to this.

In the end, having a good relationship with men is not that complicated. Taking into account these things that men do not like can help you a lot. But yes, you must remember that it is a team effort.