Steps to get away from toxic men

Did you run into a ‘bad boy‘ and do not know how to get him out of your life? Follow these tips and say goodbye today!

Steps to get away from toxic men

Steps to get away from toxic men


Steps to get away from toxic men

1. Know your limits.

The change will not happen overnight. It is difficult to leave your comfort zone and change the situation.

Be honest and clear with yourself and accept that it is necessary to put hands to work to change the situation.

2. Make a plan.

Start thinking how you will get out of that relationship and make the decision as soon as possible.

3. Do not accept justifications.

Do not argue, If you are not happy in the relationship you need to get away.

4. It ends in a neutral territory.

Like a restaurant or a coffee shop, avoid talking to him at your home or his.

5. Block him from your social networks.

Take a break and do not stalk him, it will be much easier for you to end the relationship if you avoid any contact with him.

6. Write what you want to say.

Before going to speak with him, make a letter, in this way you will have much more clear everything and you will not let yourself be manipulated.

7. Learn to be alone.

After a toxic relationship, it is easy for us to forget ourselves and disconnect, learn to rediscover and do everything that you had stopped doing.

8. Get together with positive people.

Reencounter with the people that make you happy and focus on doing activities that help you to be a better version of yourself.

9. Give yourself time.

You will probably feel pain and you will be sad, it is normal, but doing things that make you happy and relax you will help you heal faster.

10. Do not change your decision.

Surely you will feel alone, but as time goes by you will realize that it is the best.

Remember that you are worth too much to be with someone who does not value you and makes you suffer.