Situations In Which You Should Not Fall In Love

When they break our hearts we usually think, “I should have known.” Should you really know?

Even so, there is nothing you can do except complain and whine for a short time and return to normal.

To help you avoid these ruptures, we leave you a list of situations in which love would only lead to anguish.

Situations In Which You Should Not Fall In Love

1. Do not fall in love if the relationship began with lust.

The kind of love stories that the big screen shows us does not exist.

Many people think that we could also meet the love of our life one night, and that does not happen in the real world.

Just because you felt more of a warmth that night, does not mean that the same happened to the other person. Men probably know how to differentiate better between a physical and an emotional connection, but it also happens to the contrary and a lot.

Whether you are a man or a woman, you have to be clear about this, if not you could end up with a broken heart.

     2. Do not fall in love knowing that there is a deadline.

If he changes the country or city in one year.

If for any reason your relationship has a deadline on which you are going to separate, it will be the end of the common road.

Normally you wouldn’t try to make a hole in a dead-end street to pass, right?

You would turn around and choose another path, that is the answer to what to do in this situation.

     3. Do not fall in love if there is a distance between you.

Long-distance relationships require a lot of effort since they put you in a situation of continuous emotional struggle.

At some point, one of the two will wonder if that is worth it, when this happens, you will not stop wondering if the other member of the couple also asks himself the same thing.
The tension builds up until the relationship is over.

     4. Do not fall in love with the most absolute perfect relationship.

We know, nobody understands you because nobody has the kind of connection you have, it is special, something from another world, exceptional, magical …

Breaking news: That is what everyone thinks of love, falling in love at such a deep level is the best feeling in the world.

Those thoughts, also invite the worst of feelings and the greatest disappointment.

     5. Do not fall in love “despite what they say”

Your environment will always have thousands of stupid reasons why you shouldn’t be with the person you are, his past life, his background, the physical or his abilities.

Well, don’t worry, all these people are just making a fool of themselves and you will do it too if you stop to listen to them.

Now, if it is your friends and family who disapprove of that relationship, people who really love you and want the best for you, there is definitely something wrong.