Signs Your Boy Doesn’t Know What He Wants

There’s nothing like the magic of getting to know a guy you like a lot.

Now, when time passes and things do not get serious, one begins to wonder what is happening with your love.

Signs Your Boy Doesn’t Know What He Wants

1. Suddenly, he has reduced communication with you.

He has not said he does not want to see you anymore, but you have stopped talking or seeing each other so often.

It may be because he does not know if he wants a relationship, but he does not want you to get away from him altogether.

2. Does not want to put the relationship on Facebook.

He wants to be with you, but at the same time, he does not want to declare that he is with someone so as not to lose other opportunities.

I mean, he wants to be in a relationship, but he wants to be free.

He does not know what he wants!

3. Keeps in touch with his women “friends”.

I am not one of those who believes that there is no friendship between men and women, but if he has a lot of contact with his female “friends”, he should have another intention with someone.

If you see that he spends time chatting with girls, but at the same time shows that he has fun with you, this boy does not know what he wants.

4. One day he’s nice with you, the next, he ignores you.

One day he behaves like the best gentleman in the world and shows you how romantic and cute he can be.

The next, he does not answer your messages even if you know that he has already read them.

Definitely, he does not know what he wants.

5. Cancels meetings.

You agree to go to dinner or go to the cinema and, at the last minute, cancels.

It may be that he has another girl or that friends have invited him to a party but if he knew what he really wanted, he would not hesitate or cancel meetings with you according to the moment.

6. One day speaks in the plural, the next in singular.

Sometimes he speaks of “us” when he mentions the future and, sometimes, he simply says “I”.

This happened to one of my best friends, one day he seemed to plan a future with her, the next he said he wanted to go to the other side of the country to the University or get a job abroad.

7. Does not commit when you want to plan something to do together.

You tell him that you can go to the beach for the weekend and he says “I confirm you”, or you tell him to go with you to a friend’s birthday and he doubts.

This guy does not know what he wants, better not to waste your valuable time.

How many of these signs that a boy does not know what he wants you noticed in your boyfriend?

If it is more than 5, it is time to take action and face him to ask him at once, what is it what he wants.