Signs that you’re dating the wrong man

Do not let falling in love deceive you and your relationship ends in disaster, these clues could show that your new boy is not the right one …

It may look like Prince Charming himself, but in the end, it’s those little details that determine how good a boyfriend material is.

Signs that you're dating the wrong man

Signs that you’re dating the wrong man

We regret to tell you that not everyone is made to be that protective and affectionate boyfriend that everyone wants, but seeing the signs depends on you.

Do not let love blind you and pay attention to those things that could prevent you from ending up with a broken heart.

Signs that you’re dating the wrong man


He keeps you totally in the dark about his life, whether past or present. If,

a) He refuses to introduce you to his friends or family.

b) He gets defensive when you want to talk about his past, or

c) He tells you that it is better to keep your relationship secret because “it’s more exciting”, then it’s time to put an “until here” and analyze the facts, because he may not have the best reasons.


We know that in the eyes of a father, no boy is good enough no matter how close he is to winning the Nobel Peace Prize, but if everyone around him perceives him in a negative way, it is time to reflect.

Do not block the comments of others completely, they may be seeing things in a much more objective way than you.

Ask them what they do not like and try to change your perspective to see if they are correct or not.


One thing is that you charm him and he wants to spend all his time with you … and another that he does not let you turn around.

Jealousy may be flattering but there are limits and if he gets himself in a bad attitude even for your family meals, it may be a sign of problems in the future.


A good couple is one who loves you for who you are, not for who you can be.

If you realize that with him you have to be another person to please him, then let us tell you that this relationship is bound to fail.

Remember that first of all you are first and the key to a good relationship is that you feel confident of being yourself.


Maybe he’s not a bad boy, but the correct timing is everything.

If you are in different channels (example: You want children, he wants to be friends with benefits), it is very likely that you will not get anywhere.

Do not try to change him and get used to the idea that to continuing with him can turn into a bitter drink.


His past relationships can tell you a lot: if he talks bad about them, if he tells you why they ended, if he was ever unfaithful, etc.

Pay attention to these details, as they may be (to some extent) a glimpse into your future.

He still gets along with them, beware! Make sure there are no hidden feelings on his part.


At first, it seemed a challenge to conquer that boy with his apparent lack of interest, but if after a while he continues to show indifference, we regret to tell you that he is not making himself the difficult, he is simply “hanging out”.

Make sure that the person who you are is really interested in you and above all, shows it!


Trust those hunches; The first impression may not be the correct one, but if you continue with this insecurity when going out, it is better to leave him, for peace.
You do not have to be with a person who makes you feel distrust or treats you badly, on the contrary!