Signs That You Fell In Love With The Wrong Man

Sometimes we give our heart to the wrong person or who does not deserve it, we think that it is the right person, without thinking that you are in love with the wrong man.

In many cases, that nice feeling we call “love” causes the brain to close and logic does not make an act of existence when you fall in love with the wrong man and that will break your heart.

Even if you want to close your eyes, his deeds will admit evidence that he does not love you as you deserve.

Remove all doubts you have with these reasons that will show you if he is the right person.

Signs That You Fell In Love With The Wrong Man

1. He victimizes himself when a fight occurs.

You are always to blame for the fights that occur because he has the gift of manipulation.

You even distorted the things of your personality that he did not like, to keep the harmony in the relationship, although it’s never enough and you will always be “the bad one of the story.”

2. Does not pay attention to you and does not care about your achievements.

When you mention something meaningful to him, he is distant, far away and in independent moments, apart, he never remembers things that you have commented to him.

But when it comes to him, he demands that you pay attention to him when he never did, and he did not even comment on what you were talking about.

Also, if you have noticed that your partner does not support you, does not believe in you, and does everything possible to sabotage your plans, he certainly does not love you.

3. Does not introduce you to family or friends.

You do not know about the people that are important to him, he always invents a silly excuse so his friends do not know about you.

Keep in mind that when we fall in love we always want our friends to know about our partner.

4. You dress yourself thinking about him and not your comfort.

You always choose the clothes that he proposes to you or the ones you know that he will like.

This in order to make him see you cuter or to avoid any fight or disappointment on his part.

5. You have plenty of time for him, but he does not make any for you.

You have noticed that he leads your preference list and that no matter what happens if he asks you, you will be willing to do it.

You cancel meetings with some people, you displace your activities, in the end, you do everything possible to conceive a space in your agenda, and he does the opposite.

From time to time he chooses to rest a while or does not make any effort to see you.

6. Does not accompany you to meetings with your family.

When you speak to him that you have an event with your family and you invite him, he always has an excuse.

As it happens with those of his relatives, he never invites you, you even realized that he attended a significant event through social networks.

7. You always ask for reconciliation for some fight.

If you realized that when you have an argument you are the only one who makes the effort for things to calm down, and things go back to being as before, the other person does not have the minimum interest for the relationship to work.

8. He is indolent before your feelings.

When you talk to him about any doubt or tell him you feel bad, he says that you are an exaggerated person, he is unfriendly to your emotions or the things that make you feel bad.

Also, he does not listen to you and one of the pillars of a relationship is communication, so it is very important that the other person knows the things you like or dislike about the relationship.

In case he does not pay attention to your needs, without a doubt, this is not loving.

9. Hides his social networks and cellular activities.

He always has his phone locked, he leaves when he gets a message or a call.

In his social networks, he never posts a picture together, or comment or like any of your posts.

For your friends on Facebook, he does not exist in your life.

10. He never has a detail with you.

He does not send you a message of good morning, he has never given you a gift or a gift that shows you that he likes to make you smile or strengthen the sentimental bonds that exist between you.

He will never even tell you that you are cute or never makes you a compliment.

11. He makes fun and/or criticizes everything you do.

If he laughs at everything you say, does not give any importance, looks for any moment to make evident some fault you have, never recognizes the good things you do, your successes, but the opposite, he is always in search for the things that you fail at, without a doubt he does not love you.

12. You lie to yourself.

This is one of the most serious points.

It is possible that you are already sure that he is not the love of your life, however, you say to yourself that he will change or seek justification for his bad behavior so you do not feel bad.

13. You have thought about finishing.

Remember that true love has no doubts, therefore from the moment you stop to think whether you should continue or not with him is because deep down in your heart there is something that tells you that love between you no longer exists.