Signs That You Are The Crush Of Someone Nearby

When we hear “crush,” we all think of someone else, but never of ourselves.

It is likely that someone will think of your name when they say “crush“.

It usually happens with close guys, because your friendly affection is confused with falling in love.

At the moment you do not have any suspicion, but we leave you some signals so you can see what everyone around you is hiding from you.

Signs That You Are The Crush Of Someone Nearby

1. He pays too much attention.

Let’s be honest, boys are easily distracted and paying attention is not their strong side.

Unless it’s his crush who’s talking. I mean you should notice if he asks you questions about things that you even forgot you told him about.

2. Smiles for no apparent reason when you are together.

This signal is rare to perceive, but I paint the scene to you: you are talking about anything, you remain silent, he stays watching you, he smiles for no reason and when you ask “What?”

He answers with a “Nothing”.

If this happens often, it is a clear signal.

3. Looks frequently at your mouth.

By nature, the behavior of boys changes in front of their crush, this includes body language.

Although the boy will look you a lot in the eyes but more to the mouth. Why?

Because it is an unconscious gesture that he wants to kiss you.

4. Tries not to end his messages.

It is very normal that a texting message comes to an end, let’s say with a “hahaha”, “ok” or even left on “seen”, by either party.

However, this guy always ends his answer with another question, sends you memes, a “How are you?”, And so on.

5. He gets jealous of other guys.

Jealousy is a very clear indicator.

Although he can destroy his relationship, he can not help but become jealous.

And it is not necessary that he says it openly, with his gestures or comments, you can notice it.

6. The gifts are excessive.

It is normal for your friends to give you a Christmas or birthday gift.

But this guy gives you little details with an “I remembered you”, “was on sale” or some other excuse.

The strangest thing of all is that they are things that you like, because (as we said before) he pays attention.

7. He makes you many compliments.

When you like someone, you do everything possible to let them know you like them. Making compliments of all kinds, attitudes, tastes, way of thinking and even physical.

If your friend says how beautiful you are (even more than normal), it could be a sign.

8. Tries to match your plans.

Either invite you to go out with his friends or ask you what you will do on the weekend.

You two always end up in the same place!

Obviously, a friend wants to spend time with you, but if you notice that he makes an extra effort to stay with you it is because he likes you.

9. He starts the conversations.

Physically or virtually, he wants to be in touch with you.

Either with a “Good Morning”, approaching you at school/work/ party or even dialing your phone with some good excuse.

10. He worries and also takes care of you.

It is normal for friends to care for you, but they give you your space and let you solve the problem by yourself.

On the other hand, when someone likes you, he can not do enough for you to be fine.

This is because now your happiness is as if it were his.