Signs that will help you to know if you are going out with a manipulator

There is a curious phrase that particularly expresses the following: “Love is blind” and on many occasions, either by observing other couples or by your own experience, you realize that it may be true.

Love may be blind, but this does not always mean that it is a good thing, you could fall in love with a person who can give everything for you if you are reciprocated, or falling in love with a “good for nothing”, loser, liar or manipulator or indeed, you could end up ignoring the obvious, since you are hopelessly enchanted by your partner and do not want to see the truth.

For this reason, to guide you a bit about your criteria when it comes to reasoning with your partner, we have prepared a small list of traits that you can find in a person who tends to be manipulative.

Signs that will help you to know if you are going out with a manipulator

1. In arguments, you are always the guilty one.

This, in fact, will seem a bit ambiguous but in an argument the goal is to always to find a solution and if your partner always seeks some pretext for forced that seems to assume the guilt on your person and in some inexplicable way makes you feel that he is right, it’s because something is not working quite well in the relationship.

Since much effort, he is devoting to impose on you the responsibilities of the problems, instead of trying to solve them together.

2. Tries to provoke you.

If in an argument, your partner is against the sword and the wall and tries to evade his guilt by changing the subject or the focus of attention, such as making a gesture or action that provokes your anger arbitrarily, you have to stay calm and concentrate.

Your partner should not evade his responsibility that way.

3. Makes you take hasty decisions.

If your partner pushes you too much to make a decision without first thinking about the consequences it is because he is not really taking you into account, he’s just thinking about himself and what he wants.

He is manipulating you to get whatever he wants from you.

4. He does not like listening to you.

A very important pillar of the relationship, are the feelings, externalizing yourself with your partner, that he listens to you and understands you, supports you and you can see the reciprocal affection you have for each other.

But when this individual prefers to avoid the interpersonal relationship with you, changes the subject when he refers to your feelings, even pretending not to want to listen to you when you touch that topic, then it is better that you start thinking about how to conclude this relationship, since you will definitely not be able to reach anywhere with a person who is only being toxic to you.

5. Does not show signs of wanting to solve problems.

If in a relationship your partner prefers to turn a deaf ear to your interpersonal problems, avoids at all costs touching any topic related to this or gets angry if you mention it, answering with exclamations like “You’re going to start with the same thing …” or “And you continue with the same …

It is because he definitely does not want to find a solution to your conflicts and will try to find a thousand excuses to leave the subject alone.