Signs That This Guy Is Not The Man Of Your Dreams

Do you want to know if that person is your soulmate? Do not stop watching the note.

While women are looking for the ideal man, it is usual for them to meet several ‘toads’ and to detect them in time, you only have to pay attention to some signs. However, what are they?

Here is a list of 5 of them:

Signs That This Guy Is Not The Man Of Your Dreams

1. He just talks about himself.

When you go out, the topic of conversation is always what happens or has happened in his life. In fact, if he includes you it is because it is an anecdote together.

2. Flirts with everyone.

Every time you go dancing, you can’t stop looking at him for a minute, because if you do, you’ll surprise him talking in a very “friendly” way with another girl.

3. He does not apologize.

If he makes a mistake, he gives you a present and thinks it’s enough, because he never mentions the magic words.

4. Criticizes what you wear.

He usually ‘recommends you’ the garments that you should use and if you do the opposite, he will criticize your look and the reasons for not wearing them again.

5. He does not get along with your friends.

Your boyfriend does not want you to mention them, in fact, you can say that your friends are not his favorite people.