Signs That Indicate That His Heart Is Not Available

Typical, you have been dating a time with a beau and no matter how much you give him hints that you want to formalize, he just flips the page.

Watch out!

Although you could face a bad boy, it is also very likely that his heart is not available.

Signs That Indicate That His Heart Is Not Available

Signs That Indicate That His Heart Is Not Available

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to make a relationship work when one of the parties simply is not there.

And, even being the most charming man, if he is not available emotionally … stop wasting your time.

Take note!

Signs That Indicate That His Heart Is Not Available

1. He is already in a relationship.

This reason is the most obvious, if he is with someone else, you will rarely become the owner of his heart.

Do not have the belief that he will leave his current partner for you, as it is unlikely, no matter how much he tells you that he will.

Besides, do you really want to be with someone who honks his girlfriend?

2. He is not ready for a relationship.

If you already had that conversation and he told you “I’m not ready”, believe him.

It is difficult to accept that someone is not going to change, better look elsewhere.

3. He absorbs in himself.

If his main concern is himself, he may not have the emotional capacity to worry about someone else.

Say goodbye to him!

4. Avoids conflict at all costs.

The typical one that prefers to turn around the problems because it bothers him.

It is normal to get away from problems but to pretend that they do not exist simply does not work.

5. He is indecisive.

Is it hard for him to commit to a job? Does he have doubts all the time?

This is a sign that he does not want to get involved one hundred percent in what he’s doing.

If you notice that he has trouble following a path, be careful!

6. Ignores his own needs.

Maybe at the beginning, it attracted you that he seems to worry about everybody, but this is not always the most accurate.

This signal is a two-edged weapon, because he may be the boyfriend who will give everything for you but who will hardly know how to take care of himself.

7. He has “comparisons” for you.

It is perfect that he sees you as the love of his life, but if he starts to imply that you should be like his mom – or worse, his ex-girlfriend – … turn around and run to the other side.

In the end, remember that the most important thing is your happiness.

So think about the kind of relationship you imagine for yourself.

If you run into a beau with a heart that is not available, consider whether you accept him as he is.