Signs That Indicate That He Does Not Want To Fall In Love With You

Friend, almost always everything is very clear from the beginning, but your eyes, not even your heart want to see it.

Even if you throw all the desire of the world, read every advice to conquer or do what your friend expert in seduction has recommended, what you expect to happen with him, just doesn’t happen.

You should not wait for your heart to breakup, if he does any of these things you better get him out of your system.

Signs That Indicate That He Does Not Want To Fall In Love With You

1. You always write to him, he does not

One, two, but three times is enough. Every time you write to him after this, a part of your dignity dies.

A person who does not want to follow a conversation is telling you that he does not want anything with you.

It is not that you are not interesting to others, but you do not figure in his map.

2. Every detail you have with him, makes it look like anything

You worked hard to make his favorite dessert, or you bought him chocolate, but his reaction is as simple as an “Oh, thank you.”

This is much worse if he did not even look at you at that moment.

3. He does not take you into account for any plan

It’s cinema Tuesday and he says he’s going, in your head, you think maybe he’ll call you later to go. The hours pass and the telephone does not ring.

Sometimes women fantasize too much, but if there are more opportunities, start to consider it.

4. Puts you aside when another girl arrives

The two are talking very comfortable and everything seems to go great, or so it seemed until another woman appears.

They begin to talk and you feel like little by little you are camouflaging yourself with the wall.

5. He gives you many excuses to meet you

“Forgive me, I did not remember that I had to …”, “I’m very tired”, “We’d better leave it for another day”.

Flexibility and tolerance were not your gifts, until you met this guy.

React! You’re just wasting your time. If he wanted to go out with you, he would have done it.

6. He does not kiss you in public

It is not that you have to do it by force, if you feel like kissing someone you do it at any time. But he does it secretly, he may say that he only wants something discreet that does not scare him the cattle away.

7. Does not reveal anything about himself

The man is a grave, you may have told him even about the neighbor, but you only know his name and cell phone number.

8. Kills every romantic moment

You have worked to create this atmosphere of romance but at the moment of acting he breaks the bubble with a joke or an “I have to go”.

9. He just wants sex

You just said “I like you” and he starts to put his hands in without saying anything.

It will be your responsibility if you do not ask him what he wants you for, and you just keep going.

There is nothing wrong with having sex at the beginning, but if you have intentions different from his, one of the two will end up hurt (You).

We hope we have saved the hearts and dignity of more than one girl with these 9 Signs that indicate that he does not want to fall in love with you.