Signs that he wants something serious with you

Has it happened to you that you already have several dates with that boy that you like so much, but you still do not know if he wants something more serious or if he is just having a good time at the moment?

Many of us have gone through this situation that fills us with uncertainty and that is why it is important that you learn to recognize the signs to know if he wants something serious with you.

There are certain attitudes and gestures that can show us if there is a real interest or not on the part of the person you like, which are signs of wanting to formalize a serious relationship.

We explain what they are so you can begin to determine by yourself in what moment of the relationship you are:

Signs that he wants something serious with you

1. Cares about spending time with you.

If the person you go out with wants more than just hanging out, he probably just worries about spending time with you.

That is to say, he invents and makes plans so that you can see each other constantly, instead of inventing excuses or evading you.

In fact, this person does not care, rather he likes it if you see each other more than once a week, and he will probably look forward to do so; This is one of the first signs that he wants something serious with you.

2. You are his priority.

In line with the first sign that he wants something serious with you, he likes you so much that this person will make you his priority.

Unless it is something truly circumstantial and immovable, if he has to decide between staying with you or seeing his friends, he will choose you and this is a clear example of the interest he has for you.

3. Is always in contact.

Another sign that he wants a more formal relationship with you is that he is always in contact. He writes messages to you during the day or at least every day.

This only means that he is thinking about you and that he can not contain the desire to talk to you and know about you.

And, who would like to spend their time and attention writing to someone they do not have a real interest in?

So, if that person tries to contact you all the time, then surely it’s because he wants something more than having a good time.

4. Pays attention to everything you tell him.

When a person really likes you, then he wants to know more about you and to know you, so he gives importance to your stories, your thoughts, your anecdotes and your points of view.

You will realize that as you speak, he will be truly paying attention to everything you tell him, listening actively and showing interest; This is a sign that he wants something serious with you that does not fail.

5. He likes to be seen with you in public.

Now, this is a very important and determining point to know if he wants something more.

Ask yourself, do you see each other privately or in public? And we must be careful when we answer it. Why?

It is possible that we have sometimes stayed in public and sometimes in private because we are already in that facet in which we have more confidence and we like to enjoy each other’s company.

But we can also go out in public and that this person is happy to have you by his side. On the other hand, this person may always find an excuse for you to stay at home.

If your case is the first then you can add it to the signals you need to know that this person you like is serious. If your case is the second, the thing may be a little different and he may not be interested in having anything serious.

6. He is interested in your welfare.

If that person you like also shows interest in your well-being, then it is another sign that he wants something serious with you

That is, he asks you how you are; If you had a bad day, says or does something about it to improve your mood; or if you have become ill, he has some detail with you regarding your recovery.

7. He has introduced you to his friends.

Another way to know that the person with whom you want to formalize something is serious with you is when he shows his intentions to introduce you to his group of friends.

This only applies if you have different groups of friends and are not part of the same environment. In any case, that he wants his friends and you to know each other is a positive sign that his intentions go further.