Signs That He Is Not For You

There is no better time to recognize the “red lights” of a man than when the relationship is starting.

This stage must be practically perfect because both are very interested in conquering each other, but what happens if during the first weeks he has attitudes that leave you with a bad taste in your mouth?

These are the alerts that, regardless of the reasons, he is not the right one for you and you should look for someone that makes you completely happy.

He is not for you if

Signs That He Is Not For You

1. Do not trust him:

You feel jealous of other women, do not believe in what he says, you do not feel comfortable sharing intimacy with him (from not wanting to cry in front of him until not wanting to show him your body).

2. You want different things:

He does not want to be in a serious relationship and you die for being his girlfriend.

He wants to have three children and you do not want to be a mother; for him, the dates (anniversaries, birthdays, etc.) are not important and for you they are.

3. He is a featherbrained:

He tries to convince you not to use a condom (and you do not know if he has any sexually transmitted infection), he does not invite you to most of his social gatherings, he looks at other women a lot, he does not answer your messages, he does not get interested in what interests you or never goes to your home.

4. You want him to change:

You have a list of things that bother you and that should be improved or eliminated, from how he dresses to his way of thinking about children and marriage.

You can not make him change if he does not want to.

5. Sex is incredible … and nothing more:

The sessions in bed are full of uncontrollable passion, but the chemistry stops there.

Outside the sheets communication is bad and in reality, you are not interested in anything he says.

6. The spark is not there:

Beyond sex (remember the previous point), you do not feel “butterflies in your stomach” when you see him and his face does not shine when he sees you.

7. Does not make plans with you:

If he does not commit to anything that goes beyond seven days in the future it means that he does not want to stay long by your side and things will end soon.

8. He is not on your “top three”:

When you receive important news he is not within the first three people with whom you want to share them.

9. You have fantasies with other men:

We are not referring to erotic dreams but to thoughts and illusions about the future that do not involve him.

10. You feel that something is not right:

Feminine intuition is very powerful and reliable.

If at the bottom of your heart you feel like you deserve someone better, stop thinking about it and decide.

It is better alone than in bad company.

Does your partner meet any of these points?

Why are you in a relationship that does not completely satisfy you?