Reasons why you do not have a boyfriend

Sometimes we get to ask that question even if we do not want to express it: Why don’t I have a boyfriend?

Reasons why you do not have a boyfriend

Reasons why you do not have a boyfriend

If this is happening to you, you will surely be interested in seeing these 8 reasons why you are still single.

Reasons why you do not have a boyfriend

1. You don `t know what you want.

The most important thing is to know what you want.

Do you want to start a relationship but do not want to commit? Decide what you want.

It happens to many women, they have been unmarried for a while, they meet somebody they like and they even plan the wedding.

Obviously, he will not be very happy.

Think that you were in his place, wouldn’t you be frightened if a guy you had just met sent you thousands of messages and told you that he already knows what name he wants for his children?

Quiet and take things slowly.

2. You are not comfortable with yourself.

Have you ever wondered why this handsome man goes out with that “average” girl? Exactly, her attitude.

And she is so comfortable and has so much confidence in herself that is what others detect and also begin to feel that way.

The same thing happens if you do not feel good about yourself: any man will feel it and will stop being interested.

Do not forget that before being with someone, you need to be good to yourself.

3. You have too high expectations.

Nobody is perfect. If you’re really expecting to find a prince out of a story, I’m afraid to tell you that you’ll be waiting for a long time.

If you just notice a small defect in your date and you’ve already chosen to leave, it’s definitely a reason why you do not have a boyfriend.

Remember that you are also not perfect and a healthy relationship is based on respecting and accepting the good and bad things of the other.

4. You do not show interest.

Do not have to fall into the other extreme, everything you have to pursue will flee.

But you can not show yourself all the time cold and distant either. (and not even smile at him).

He can not read your mind and he will not know if you’re really interested in him.

5. You do not care about your appearance.

Sometimes the appearance is important.

You do not have to be the most beautiful woman to look great.

But if you do not even leave the blankets, you do not even comb your hair and you walk like that for life, it may be one of the reasons why you do not have a boyfriend.

Not everyone knows how wonderful you are, for that they have to approach him first.

6. You are too aggressive.

Many men may like your attitude but almost all of them will end up seeing you as just another friend because you speak identical to them and become too aggressive.

It’s not bad to be like that, almost all women are with their male friends, but if you’re interested in someone, you can not treat them like their friends do.

7. You still think about your ex.

It sounds horrible I know and it’s even worse when it happens to us.

If you are still comparing every man you meet with your ex, then clearly you are not ready to start a new relationship.

The best thing is to give yourself some time alone, enjoy your life, your tastes, your friends.

It really can be something wonderful.

Take every moment to pamper yourself and when you finally feel full with yourself, you can start dating someone else.

What other reason do you think it will influence?