Reasons why you are still single

If you are single and you have the thought that the train is gone, you are very wrong.

My 23-year-old single friends say that they will never find the love of their life and I think they are still too young to get married and start a family at such an early age.

Here is a list of things that may be the cause of your singleness.

Reasons why you are still single

1. They failed you once and you think they will do it again.

You think you’re never going to find your prince charming.

I firmly believe that there are NO perfect men.

You’re afraid of being hurt and he’s not what you expected, but no, you have to meet people, give love a chance.

2. You are very demanding.

Your boyfriend also has life, work, school, family, and friends.

He cannot be 24/7 with you, you have to give him his space.

He’s not your personal property!

3. Very high standards.

I know that as you fail, you become more demanding.

I have nothing against those who are like that, but I think we have to keep our feet on the ground and know that some things are almost impossible and more so if is about men.

4. You think you will find him in the club.

I greatly doubt that you will find the love of your life in the den, there may be exceptions, but it is time for you to look elsewhere.

Because what I’m sure you will find there are drunkards and the typical jerk.

5. You blame yourself.

You think that you are not apt to have relations and you think that you are the one that has something that frightens them.

6. You think you are a policewoman.

When your beau goes out with his friends, you write to him every 3 minutes, you ask him who he is with, what he does, where he is and you call him like crazy.

7. Too much party.

Just as you do not want your boyfriend to be a party boy who lives in the club from Wednesday to Sunday, I assure you that men do not look for a woman who is an “animal party” either.

8. You are traumatized with your ex.

You are always talking to your boyfriend about him.

You compare him and obviously, you do not surpass him.

It’s time for you to turn the page and erase him from your mind.