Reasons Why A Man Probably Rejects You

We all have a seductive touch that we bring to light from time to time, especially when we are single.

They will not let me lie, saying that we do this because we like to raise our ego. The problem arises when a man rejects you, as you think that will never happen to you.

Why does a man reject you?

The reasons why a man could tell you no, are varied. However, there are some that are the most common.

Sometimes it is believed that the physical attributes are the only thing in which men set their eyes, but it is not like that. There are other attitudes that influence this decision.

Take noteā€¦

Reasons Why A Man Probably Rejects You

1. You push too much.

You try and try to seduce him and you do not get it, but you can achieve to look like a needy woman.

For a man that is demotivating, because you are demonstrating that he can have you whenever he wants. Do not forget that men like to hunt, so you should give them an opportunity to put a little bit of effort on their side.

Put some resistance and do not give in to everything he asks.

Make yourself difficult at times and you will see that his interest is focused on you.

2. You are not his type.

Women are all beautiful and the particular characteristics of each are responsible for making them unique.

However, there are women who are offended when a man rejects them.

The fact that he rejects them does not mean that they are not graceful, but that they are not the kind of woman that attracts that man.

The worst thing you can do is stop being yourself for him to like you. Someone will come to notice and value each of your characteristics.

3. He only sees you as a friend.

If the boy you like talks to you about the girls he likes or how he did with a conquest, it’s a fact that he only sees you as a friend.

Even if he decides to go out with someone and keeps you up to date on what is happening, be sure he loves you, but as a friend who advises and supports him.

4. His standards are different.

There are guys who believe that only supermodels are significant or that they are made to walk with women of expensive tastes.

If that’s the case, forget about him, it’s not worth it. Later you will realize the bad choice that you missed and you will find someone much better.

5. The family influences him.

If a man rejects you, it may be because he has the influence of his family.

It may be that his family or close ones do not allow it.

The worst thing is that he lets others rule his life and that does not speak of a real man.

It is also not good if he clings too much to his religious beliefs.

6. You scare him.

If a man rejects you, it can be because you scare him.

You do not let him breathe and that stifles him. The best thing would be if you tried to control yourself in order to conquer him.

7. Not ready for a relationship.

It seems like a joke, but they also need to live their mourning even if they do it differently.

When they meet a girl, they need to make sure that she is someone good for them.

When they meet you, they will decide if they want you for something formal or just for fun.