Reasons Why A Man Does Not Want To Be With A Perfect Girl

Surely you know or have seen a case like the one we are about to describe.

A beautiful and intelligent woman, great in her work and with a lot of things in her favor, is unable to find a good man with whom to share her life.

Day by day, this has become the drama of many girls who just want to fall in love.

As crazy as it seems, there is something in them that unconsciously becomes a repellent for the opposite sex.

These are eight reasons why no man would go out with an “ideal little woman“.

Reasons Why A Man Does Not Want To Be With A Perfect Girl

1. They are too beautiful.

Sometimes, being too attractive can be a disadvantage, and there are not too many decent men who dare to invite a beautiful woman out, for fear that she is frivolous and conceited.

In contrast, guys who are superficial just look for beautiful girls.

2. They are terrified of being alone.

They have learned to be self-sufficient, successful in their work and to take care of their body and beauty, but they still have the terror of loneliness.

They constantly ask themselves why their relationships fail, when they have not understood that the first thing is to enjoy being with themselves.

3. They can not stand being dependent.

They pay their bills, do their things and even fix a few flaws at home.

Incredible as it may seem, this may be too much for many men.

After all, a guy likes to feel indispensable even if it’s to fix a pipe or pay for dinner.

4. They are insecure inside.

No matter how beautiful they are or how hard they have tried to stay in shape, in the end, they always find some “imperfection” that makes them get complexes.

Although it is irrelevant, as the shape of her eyebrows or those nonexistent rolls of her abdomen.

5. They pass the good opportunities.

In their eagerness to find a man who meets all their expectations, ideal women leave many prospects free, for one or another detail, without suspecting that despite everything, they could be the right ones to have a happy relationship.

6. Marriage is no longer her priority.

Before, girls aspired to get married and start a family.

Today, the most important thing has become her personal and professional fulfillment.

That’s very good; except when they leave love aside because they believe that it can not be combined with both areas.

7. They do not have patience.

On the first date, they are like an automatic detector of imperfections, because rather than enjoying the meeting, they seem to look for excuses so that a boy does not fit with her idea of ??”boyfriend or perfect husband”.

They are not patient to find those things that can make him special.

8. They also wait for a perfect man.

The most notorious in this type of girls who look good and who do everything well is that they have idealized their vision of a couple too much.

No normal man would be able to withstand so many demands.

They do not look for perfect women, they only want women who love them.