Reasons why a man does NOT call a woman again

If you still have doubts as to why he did not call you back even though you consider that the time you saw each other was great and you even ended up in bed, we give you some clues about what men hate.

Reasons why a man does NOT call a woman again

Reasons why a man does NOT call a woman again

These may be the mistakes you may have made without realizing it and that bothered him.

Reasons why a man does NOT call a woman again

1. Talking about your ex.

If you’re not ready to go out with someone else, do not do it.

Talking about how badly your ex treated you, how horrible he was and how ugly his new girlfriend is, does not earn you points with your prospect.

2. Drowning in alcohol.

Ask for a drink or two of whatever you want.

What you should not do is steep half a bottle of tequila shots, throw up in the bathroom and wait for him to come back for you.

3. Smelly curious.

You have to smell good at all times.

Meets basic requirements such as bathing before going out and putting on deodorant.

The perfume never hinders (but do not wear the whole bottle) and if you have problems with perspiration take a deodorant in the bag to touch up from time to time.

4. Neither politics nor religion.

In the first date as in the table is rude to discuss these issues.

Unless you find anti-Semitic tendencies through his talk, avoid talking about these things until you know him better.

5. Answering the cell phone or sending text messages.

If nobody is hospitalized, your house is not flooding or your dog did not swallow the needle kit on your bedside table, do not answer the phone.

Few things on a first date are more annoying than trying to talk to someone who is talking to someone else by message.

6. Do not eat like a caveman.

If your prospect already made the monumental mistake of taking you to eat BBQ ribs on your first date, try as much as you can not to seem like a clown by the end of the date.

Make good use of the napkin and laugh at the mess so he knows it’s not your usual way of eating.

7. Treat waiters badly.

Pay special attention to treat others well.

Smile at the valets, thank the waiters, and unless you’re a vegetarian and the waiter arrives with a Rib-eye instead of your salad, do not return the dishes.

How you treat others says a lot about who you are.

8. Assume that he pays.

Most likely he will pay for your dinner, but you should not assume it on the first date.

When the bill arrives at least make the effort to get your handbag.

9. Criticize his tastes.

If the man wants to eat the most expensive salmon on the menu and accompany it with a soda, let him be!

Do not try to give life lessons at the first outing or “educate” him about his decisions.

10. Talk about marriage.

Let’s see, you have been friends for a few months and a few weeks going out.

Did it really occur to you to slip the idea of marrying the first time you went out?

If you talked about what your wedding dress would look like, how many children you wanted to have, the names of the pets and the nice house you would like to buy with him … well, you sure scared him.