Reasons To Leave A man Who Doesn’t Want Something Serious

For a relationship to work, both people must row to the same side. But if one tries one thing, and the other, something completely different, a dilemma that needs a solution is unleashed.

Love can do anything, but if there are no such feelings, and you are with a man who does not really want to have something serious with you, there are many reasons to let it go.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to just seven of those reasons to leave a man who wants nothing else.

Reasons To Leave A man Who Doesn’t Want Something Serious

1. There are no feelings.

Over time, you have begun to realize that what binds you to that guy is not true feelings. At least, and although it hurts, that’s how you see it from his side. So it becomes a more than valid reason to leave a man.

Not just his lack of feelings for you, but the importance of knowing that it doesn’t do you good.

2. You lose a better chance.

If you spend your time in a relationship with a man who doesn’t want something serious, you will be missing the opportunity to meet someone who may have better intentions with you. If what you are looking for is a commitment, and you do not find it in whoever is at your side, better let it go, and let the next one come.

3. Not the type of relationship you’re looking for.

Relationships are full of nuances, from total freedom to formal and with future commitment. You are the one who chooses the type of relationship you want, and if the guy next to you is not what you are looking for, you better start prioritizing your own interests.

In the long run, you will regret it if he doesn’t change his mind.

4. You feel him distant.

As it is not a relationship based on commitment and love, certain condiments are lacking that only this can give. It is the caresses, the attention, that he is pending of you.

Instead, you feel him distant, focused on himself, and his own plans. Do you really want to live a relationship like that?

5. You are his “bounce” relationship.

When a person ends a long and important relationship in his life, he usually looks for consolation in another that we know as “rebound”. It is not about love, but about the need for a company and to calm the absence that the other person has left.

This is one of the reasons to leave a man who does not want anything serious because you are his “rebound” to pass the moment.

6. He is afraid of commitment.

When a man does not want to establish a committed relationship, it is because he wants to feel the need to be with other women. Not looking for a serious relationship, or without commitment, gives him the perfect excuse not to listen to your reproaches if he is with someone else.

7. He doesn’t make you happy.

If you are in love with a man who does not want something serious, and you are looking for a committed relationship, that surely does not make you happy. And relationships are basically for people’s happiness. So, it is time to apply the saying “better alone than in bad company”.