Reasons to go out with an ugly guy

Before letting yourself go by the physical attributes of a man think about all the advantages of going out with a ‘NOT so handsome”.

To begin, the concept of ‘beauty’ is different for each person, but if you consider that the boy of your interest is ‘unattractive physically’, the site “En Pareja” shows you all the advantages of having a boyfriend like him.

Reasons to go out with an ugly guy

1. They are more sincere.

Remember that physically attractive men have several women at their disposal, therefore, do not pay much attention to the conquest, because they conquer by themselves, instead those who are less graceful strive to conquer, have more charisma, are truly sincere And they worry about falling in love for real, he will hardly betray you.

2. They are not arrogant.

Think about it, do you know any super handsome man that is not presumptuous? the truth is few since any boy who sees that he has many women at his feet usually acts arrogantly, and with a guy considered ‘not handsome,’ you will not have that problem.

3. They are more charismatics.

Feeling that beauty is not their main quality, men who do not possess great physical beauty possess other types of qualities that actually matter more than the first.

They are more cheerful, friendly, gentlemen, they know how to get a smile, they care about you and make you feel comfortable with their company, in a few words you will feel a real queen by their side.

4. They have more durable relationships.

This type of men takes great care of their relationships, therefore they last longer.

Imagine how much he will take care of the relationship because of the fear of thinking that he will not get another girlfriend.

The most likely thing is that he will fill you with compliments and pamper you.

Let yourself be loved!

5. Has attitude.

In some cases, the less attractive boys are not considered as such, which makes them have high self-esteem and self-confidence, which results in them being successful when trying to ‘conquer’ a girl.

6. They strive more to conquer a woman.

Men who are not great gallants have other ‘tricks’ to conquer a woman, they use many things to make you fall at their feet, and obviously, you can take advantage of that and let yourself be pampered.

Aware that the chances of getting a girlfriend can be few, they do everything possible to make you fall in love.

7. They are more intelligent.

There are studies that show that men who are not very handsome are more intelligent, that is, they use their neurons more.

As they do not defend themselves so much with appearance, they learn the importance of being educated and having the attractiveness in their intelligence and personality.

What woman does not fall victim to such qualities?

Now, before giving a final NO to that ugly guy who is pretending you, take into account the points you just read, remember that as the saying says ‘Do not judge a book by its cover, wait to read it’.

You could get a surprise!

Would you go out with an ugly guy?