Reasons not to go out with that guy again

It is usual that when a woman goes out with someone for the first time many expectations are created about that meeting, especially if accepting the invitation was difficult.

That is why she will pay close attention to her dress, makeup, and hairstyle. In fact, it is usual, for her to dazzle that man that she will ask her best friends to help her with her outfit.

So the time has come and you are waiting for him to pick you up because that was the agreement.

Although 15 minutes have already passed and 5 minutes ago he told you he was one block away, this situation makes you wonder if that is a signal for this to be the first and last time you go out.

Well, suddenly it is, but for you to be completely sure and not to jump to hurried conclusions, Then, I share other signs that will show if going out again with him is the best decision:

Reasons not to go out with that guy again

1.- He was talking about his ex.

Since you arrived, he has only been dedicated to telling you about his old relationship, something that is too uncomfortable.

2.- He arrived late for the meeting.

You waited 30 minutes and until now you do not understand how you respond with a big smile when he speaks to you.

3.- Appears to be a gallant.

He has a chivalry that scares.

And while it is nice that someone opens the door of the car, he exaggerates so much that he scares.

4.- Just looks at his cell phone.

Since you arrived at the agreed place, he has not stopped looking at his mobile phone and answering messages, something that gives you a headache.

5.- He wants you to pay the bill.

Nowadays it is usual for women to sometimes invite their partners to eat or share expenses.

But, if he invited you out, he can not expect you to pay.