Rare Things That A Man Does When He Likes You

Men are not left behind in matters of being strangers when they are in love with women.

Today with these truths I want to make you see that in reality, they are not as perfect as they had believed …

Rare Things That A Man Does When He Likes You

1. They wait for you to have a boyfriend to declare what they feel.

As strange as this may sound, it is true!

Men apparently have some problem and always declare their love just when they find out that you started a relationship with another boy.


Only they know it.

2. They begin to feel with the right to ask you to give them explanations.

Although you have only dated them once, some already feel entitled to say things like:

And who is that?

Does he like you or why did he give a like to your photo?

3. They are paranoid thinking that you are with another.

Typical that when you do not answer them, it is because you are with your ex or with another guy.

4. They say ‘I love you’ too fast.

Many times you do not even have a relationship with them for 1 month and I do not know if it’s because of emotion or what happens, but they dare to say those compromising words.

Of course, all you can say is … “How nice … thank you”.

5. They do not let you pay anything.

I say this because many men complain because according to them, women do it on purpose, but it’s not true!

There are many times when even if you say that you invite, they do not let you pay and it is uncomfortable to fight to see who pays.

6. They are more Drama Queens than you are.

If for some reason you come to cancel a plan to meet, they make a drama saying that you do not put anything on your side and bla..bla..bla …

7. They try too hard to make you see that they no longer miss their ex.

Has not happened to you that you are talking to him and he starts to bring the subject of his ex, but in a negative way?

Obviously, men sometimes do it to make you see that in case you accept to go out with them, there will be no fear of them still loving their ex or something like that (I suppose).