Questions You Should Ask Your Boyfriend Before Moving Together

You must get to know your boyfriend better before you have your love nest.

Life as a couple is a bit complicated at first because we enter a dynamic in which we must adapt to someone’s way of being and this can be tedious, especially if that someone is your boyfriend.

And is that each person has certain habits that are difficult to change, but when there is a will on both sides everything is easier, so you should ask your boyfriend these questions before deciding to live with him under the same roof.

Questions You Should Ask Your Boyfriend Before Moving Together

1. Do you usually have your room clean?

You need to see how he cares for his environment. See if his room is tidy or is not, if he has some hobbies when it comes to placing things or if he completely ignores his surroundings and does not care what way it is.

Believe it or not, these aspects define how he will take care of the space that both of you will share.

2. How many hours do you sleep?

It may seem dramatic, but you should know your boyfriend’s sleep habits, for example, if he usually gets up late and goes to bed late, and you get up early and want to go to bed early, he may be very active and not let you sleep, or vice versa.

In addition, knowing his sleep habits define how you organize the day, to know if you can share the hours and agree on tasks and even sex.

3. Are you engaged in the relationship?

If you are going to live under the same roof with him, you must make sure that both of you will be committed to the relationship. You should talk about every detail: the economy, the expenses and whims of each one, and understand that now you will have to adapt because the accounts will be shared.

4. Do you like pets? Are you allergic?

Sharing home with your boyfriend can also mean sharing with his cat, dog, or parakeet. This is something that must also be remembered since when you live together the pet will become the responsibility of both.

Regarding allergies, it is also important to know them, as some food that you like may harm him or vice versa.

5. What do you like in sex?

Living together also requires many intimate talks to know everything you like when it comes to sex.

Now you will no longer have to hide to enjoy your sexuality because you already have your love nest but it is important that in addition to talking about what you love in bed, you also talk about the contraceptive method that best suits your needs.

6. Do you want to have children?

Without a doubt, it is one of the main questions since if you are not honest from the beginning, everything could end in a love breakup.

The issue of enlarging the family is discussed before you move because living together requires a lot of commitment, respect, and harmony.