Perfect subjects to chat with a man

Going out on a first date can be very difficult, especially if you do not find a good topic to talk about, because your output may languish until you feel like you would have been better anywhere else.

Perfect subjects to chat with a man

Perfect subjects to chat with a man

If you want to know which are the 5 ideal topics to talk with a man and avoid this, do not forget to keep watching.

Perfect subjects to chat with a man

# 1 What was your favorite movie.

This is ideal, especially if you had your date at the cinema and after leaving there you went for a drink.

When you are calm, the ideal is to start talking about the movie you saw and, and when the subject is over, begin to remember the films you’ve seen before and which were your favorites.

The same applies to books and also to music.

# 2 What is your favorite place in the whole world?

This question can be the starting point to have an interesting conversation about trips and places that both have known to compare and who knows? with time, to plan for the future a trip together to that dreamed place.

# 3 What is your biggest goal.

In this case, you can talk about the work and its performance.

This question can have another connotation because if he likes you a lot, you can take advantage of it to make yourself a compliment and say that the most important goal at this moment is you.

If that happens, then put all your seduction arts on the table, because now you know that he is willing to conquer you no matter what.

# 4 What is your favorite way to spend a weekend.

Undoubtedly this topic of conversation will be the starting point to plan future trips together.

It can be an important factor when it comes to knowing if you are compatible or not in terms of tastes for fun.

If you want to know what things he likes to do and what things he does not, do not hesitate to ask him this question.

# 5 What kind of things make you laugh?

Humor is a very important point in any relationship.

To know how to proceed and also have an interesting and fun talk with your boy, do not hesitate to ask him what things cause him to laugh and also tell him what it is that makes you laugh.

You will see that in a few minutes both will be laughing and enjoying going out together.