Moments Of A Man To Behave Like A Child

Although it is not common, when we do not have much experience in love relationships and are afraid to show our true feelings, we tend to have immature behaviors.

Next, you will know the child-like behaviors of a man in love:


Moments Of A Man To Behave Like A Child

1. When we become presumed.

When a woman is close to us and we want to give her a signal about our interest, we usually behave in a “presumed” way to impress her.

2. When we look at you but we don’t approach.

Some of us tend to be shy, so many times we usually just look at the girl we like and don’t approach her. Also, you could find us accidentally.

3. When we make fun of you.

Also, for us to make fun of you, it is a way to get your attention.

4. When we point out the defects of other men.

Although it is evil, it is a way of saying: “I am the best.” Also, we’ll tell you nasty stories about other men just to make sure you won’t have anything to do with them.