Mistakes of women on the first date

Talking about your parents’ desire to be grandparents soon, or on the contrary, being too indifferent and not showing any interest in him, can change the course of the first meeting.

The first date can have different outcomes.

According to the intention, both will come out with a certain perception of the other person.

Mistakes of women on the first date

Mistakes of women on the first date

Even if you are looking for a serious relationship or just having a good time with someone, keep in mind some tips that help to create a simple, fun first meeting and why not?

The first step for a relationship or friendship.

Mistakes of women on the first date

1. Going very well-groomed or excessively uncomplicated.

Although popularly they say that ‘the first impression is the one that counts’, the primordial thing is not to lose your own essence.

If you do not get used to makeup every day, do not do it.

This can give the feeling that you are exaggerated and overreacted.

However, if you want to go through uncomplicated, he may come to think that the meeting does not mean anything to you. Keep a balance.

2. Checking the cell phone frequently.

In addition to having a pleasant conversation, it is a matter of education and respect.

Chatting, constantly calling or writing messages and talking to him at the same time will put an end to the patience of anyone interested in the date.

Concentrate on knowing who accompanies your day and enjoy a face-to-face conversation.

3. Talking too much about yourself.

Although the intention is to know each other, it could give the impression that you are self-centered.

Find the perfect time to show yourself and talk about your personal interests, goals, and tastes while listening to him.

4. Talking about your ex-partner.

You would not like the person you are starting to go out with to remember his ex for the entire meeting.

“He wouldn’t do that, do not laugh so hard, that bothered me about my ex-boyfriend.”

Do not rush to make judgments or criticisms. Remember all people are totally different from each other.

5. Behaving as his mom.

On the first date, the comments of mom do not fit.

“You should shave,” “do not eat like that.”

It is better to keep those kinds of phrases for other times.

6. Use him as a therapist.

Going out with a friend to be listened to and talking about your personal problems is necessary, but on a first date, it drives away the other person who may be thinking about telling more about his life and may have more problems than you.

Tell him what you think and feel but do not overdo it talking to him as your personal therapist.

7. Making everything easy from the start.

And this point does not only refer to having more private dates after eating or going to the movies.

There is a time to talk and meet, also to flirt and dare to take the first step to take the dates to the next level.

If you make the decision to convert the first outing into a more intimate encounter is your decision, although this may mean that he will not repeat the dates or later regret what he did.

8. Talking about how difficult it is to get a serious relationship.

Do not rush to suggest that you want to have a stable partner soon, although you like your date more than enough.

Talking about your parents’ wish to be grandparents soon or how nice the marriage of one of your friends was may suggest different kinds of intentions.

However, avoid the extremes, showing an apparent disinterest may cause that same effect but in him.

9. Criticizing or speaking badly about everything and everyone.

The first encounter with someone who does not know which place (if any) will occupy in one’s life serves to explore and analyze another person according to what it says.

Avoid qualifying and negative comments from people around you or constant complaints about the place, the food, etc.

10. Pretending what you are not.

It is basic to build trust in someone.

Be calm and sure of who you are, no one is exempt from defects and errors; so if someone has to accept them, he will do it over time and he will not be surprised because apparently, you were not the one who said from the beginning.

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