Mistakes Made By Women When They Want To Be Attractive

Competitiveness, social pressure, or the simple desire to stand out from the companions that surround them, many women live trying to become more attractive to the eyes of men.

Mistakes Made By Women When They Want To Be Attractive

Mistakes Made By Women When They Want To Be Attractive

But which of these resources could be completely counterproductive according to the ultimate goal?

Here are some of the resources that every woman should avoid if her intention is to seduce a man:

Mistakes Made By Women When They Want To Be Attractive

1- Speaking as a baby:

The infantile voice that some women seek because they believe that it makes them more sensual is definitely a resource that should be avoided.

This practice can be quite irritable and, after all, not all men are like Roman Polanski.

2- Hair extensions:

One of the most attractive natural virtues of a woman is her hair, but if this is replaced or “potentized” with an alien extension, it is most likely that the gun is pointing towards yourself.

3- Chronic diets:

Despite Vogue’s efforts to mold popular culture around a certain stereotype of beauty, studies have shown that most men prefer a woman with curves and a well-defined silhouette than an 18 years old Slavic model with 18 kilos of weight.

4- Tanned by spray:

A riddle that tells us everything; What is orange, sticky, and smells funny? An Oompa Loompa?

No, a woman just out of a “sun on spray” session.

5- Acting in a stupid way:

For some mysterious reason (maybe influenced by some role models of Hollywood actresses) many women believe that acting like silly girls makes them more sensual.

Avoid it, few things are more exhausting than interacting with one of them.

6- Stuffed bras:

Imagine what a boy feels (yes, they also have feelings) when he introduces his hand to your breasts and encounters a polymeric entity that is designed exclusively to fool his primitive brain.

7- Showing too much:

Although any man can thank to look at certain regions of the female body, the truth is that when he goes out with a girl he would not appreciate someone to ask How much for the blonde?

Showing more is a practice that you should leave only to sex professionals, they know why they do it.

(Source: http://pijamasurf.com)