Men commitment issues – Men with commitment phobia

For many men (and some women) engaging with a partner is not at all easy. If they finally find the love of their life, that means the end of the sneaky romances, Fridays
with friends, and football games. All in exchange to settle down, get married, have children, pay bills and allow their belly grow.

Men commitment issues

Men commitment issues

Men commitment issues

Accept a compromise means facing the fear of a change in our life, or maybe even fear of repeating a situation not very pleasant (in real life the ones that were happy all their lives are rare) . This fear is natural, but there are those who just the single mention of the word “commitment” paralyzes them! (If not they run away in terror). What happens? Do they have men commitment issues?

Who are the men commitment issues?

The sociologist Daniel Goldstine calls them “lovers dancing alone.” These men (and many women!) think they want to establish strong relationships, but in fact, their life is
governed by an enormous fear of intimacy. Romantics are often seductive, but when someone comes too close … they dance away separately.

The commitment phobics “they know it or not” live in constant conflict: they shout they need intimacy, but when they find it they flee; They are afraid of being abandoned, but
also fear being trapped.

How to recognize men with commitment issues?

According to Steven Carter and Julia Soko, authors of ‘Man Who Can not Love’, a person with commitment phobia repeats certain patterns:

1. Innocent face

At the beginning of the relationship, it appears vulnerable and often is more interested in you than you in him.

2. Shark at sight

It does everything possible to conquer, absolutely everything! This includes gifts, serenades, begging and even cries!

3. Hunter of his prey

Pressure you to commit to him. Paradoxically, the phobic of commitment wants you to worship him!

4. If I saw you, I do not remember

And once he gets it … reverse and goes full throttle, because he feels a great anxiety of being trapped; somewhat of a kind of loving claustrophobia. From there starts putting
limits to the time spent together, finding faults in the relationship or you, that you can not change (for example, soon you look too short or too tall) or points out his own shortcomings to be you who decides to separate.

5. The one that is a gentleman…repeats

And if you go away … probably he’ll be re-charging┬ábecause his anxiety level will go down and subtly he’ll find you appealing again. The problem is that when you zoom in again, history will surely repeat. In short, the maximum of men commitment issues is “neither with you” “nor without you”.