How to start a conversation with a man?

You are very sure that you like a man but you do not know how to get close.

You die for talking to him but you are afraid of being in evidence, of appearing “heavy” or of having your face red as a tomato because of nerves.

Also, you feel that you do not have interesting topics to talk about, let alone how to talk to him…

Let’s go! You have to be encouraged!

We are not talking about saying “the whole truth” but about something as simple as starting a conversation with the man that interests you.

As much as you feel that you will not get a single word out, once you break the ice you will feel comfortable and at ease, because finally! You have managed to talk to him.

How to start a conversation with a man?

1. Ideas to approach a man.

In this special from TipsiMujer, I bring you topics, tips or “excuses” so you can start a conversation with a man and thus start a connection that, why not, can give very good results.

You will see that it is easier than you thought!

2. Look at his eyes and smile spontaneously.

With this trick of seduction, you will not need to start a conversation, because there are many possibilities for him to initiate it himself.

How to do it?

Well, look into his eyes for a few seconds, smile and look away.

If he is interested in you, I guarantee he will smile back and he will start the conversation himself, this time and a thousand times more.

And if not, continue with this technique to get his attention. You will do it.

3. Ask him something.

If it is a classmate or work partner, ask him for an item that you need at the moment or not … They are excuses to talk to him!

Once you have used what you borrowed, attack him with a smile. If he is interested, he will take this moment to generate a conversation.

In addition, the simple act of asking for something already ensures an exchange of words.

4. Flatter him.

If you like the clothes he is wearing, for example, say so.

“How original the design of that shirt” or “How good are those shoes”.

A comment like that always falls well, without forgetting that men love to be flattered.

In addition, you can keep asking what brand they are, where you bought them and whatever else you can think of.

Of course, smile, look at him and try to make your compliments sound sincere and credible: if you do not like the way he dresses, do not tell him!

5. The weather.

Yes, it is a typical conversation topic when there is not much to talk about, but it can be used to break the ice.

Is it raining fiercely? Is there a spectacular sunny day?

Then, comment on it. If it is a sunny day, say “What a beautiful day”: he will follow the conversation with a comment.

If it’s raining and he did not bring umbrellas, tell him nicely to share it.

Your attitude will be very good for him.

6. Music.

If you are in a pub, a disco or a party, music is a great topic to talk about.

“How loud is the volume of music today”, “What a good song” or “What bad music” …

Anything related to music can be a kick to talk about your favorite bands and singers.

If there is no music, you can do exactly the same with food or drink.

7. An address.

Ask him if he knows where a certain place is, or what bus or subway to take to get to a certain place.

He will love to help you and, if he offers to accompany you, ready!

He is very interested in you and you will have advanced a few steps with the minimum effort.

8. Technology.

“What a good cell phone”, “Where did you get that iPod? I wanted one of the same.”

He will respond with pleasure, and there you have guaranteed chat.

Always remember to be spontaneous, natural and sincere with the comments.

It’s no use talking just to talk!

Show your interest, and never forget to maintain eye contact, look him in the eyes and sketch smiles to make him feel comfortable;

In this way, he will have more security to talk to you and follow the conversation.

I hope these tips are useful and you can apply them!

What other ways of approaching a man do you know? Which ones have worked for you?