How To Overcome An Unrequited Love

The tingling in the stomach, anxiety, and emotion when you see that person coming, good humor, easy laughter, all are undoubted symptoms that you are attracted to someone.

Love is a unique feeling, but when we realize that the other does not feel the same, it can become a bitter and unpleasant experience, which leads us to question ourselves, but although this moment can be hard to pass, there are some ideas and techniques that will help you find a solution and discover how to overcome an unrequited love.

How To Overcome An Unrequited Love

1. Do not blame yourself.

It is logical that you feel doubts about your personality or your appearance when you discover that you are not reciprocated, but it makes no sense to blame yourself for it, if you really feel that there is a failure in you instead of focusing on the negative, strive to correct it and change, so you will be able to take advantage of this experience

2. Check what is happening.

If it is not the first experience of this type that you face, it is convenient that you review what is happening and what are the patterns that you are following, could it be that you like difficult relationships?

Or that for some reason do you always look at inappropriate people? Check yourself for answers.

3. Continue with your path.

First of all, you are the most important person, you must love and respect yourself, therefore try to seek strength and continue with your path, always thinking about what is best for you.

4. Make the decision that makes you suffer less.

Sometimes in order not to lose that person we decided to stay close as friends despite not being reciprocated in love, but this can increase the suffering, so even if it costs you, the best it is to mark the distance, at least until you overcome it.

5. Go out, relax, look for new activities.

Do things that make you feel good, that allow you to raise your self-esteem, don’t let this experience make you feel you’re worthless.

Understand that love and attraction has to do with tastes and preferences and what one does not like is passionate to another.

6. Remember that every process takes time.

Do not despair of overcoming the sadness from one day to another, look for ways how to fill your leisure hours, focus on yourself and give space for time to act and thus overcome this unrequited love.

7. Don’t let this experience condition you for the future

Get sadness and resentment out of your heart and start over. Where you least imagine it you will find someone who values you and wants to be with you.


If you feel that this experience has been too intense for you and that you cannot overcome it alone, do not hesitate to go to a specialist.