How to know if a man is playing with you?

Unfortunately, there are some people who are not worthy out there. They will waste your time to get what they want.

Then you will know 7 signs that will confirm that a man is playing with you.

How to know if a man is playing with you?

How to know if a man is playing with you?

Your time is valuable, more importantly, your love is valuable. People know it and, nevertheless, some of them still waste time and play with your feelings. They are not good people, but you can not escape from that reality. Instead, you’ll just have to learn to know if a guy is playing with you so you can avoid wasting your time.

You’ve heard stories about guys who manipulate girls to be with them when they do not even treat them fairly. Basically, they only want one thing.

Why boys play with girls from time to time

I would like to be able to say that it is not their intention, but most of the time, the boys know what they are doing. They know exactly what to say and what to do to get a girl to sleep with them, but they have no plans to make her his girlfriend.

Instead, they simply do what they can to get exactly what they want and nothing more. The girl falls in love with them and, because she cares a lot for him, she does everything he wants. The boys play with the girls because they are selfish.

How to know if a guy is playing with you so you can stop wasting your time

When you notice the signs that a guy is playing with you, you can leave the ship before things get too serious. And to tell the truth, those signs are probably much easier to see than you think.

This is what you should look for to know when a man is playing with you.

How to know if a man is playing with you

1. He flatters you all the time.

It may seem that the praise comes from a place of love, but often comes from a place where they want to feel good about themselves.

And when you feel really safe, it’s hard to see the real problems at stake.

Basically, if a guy is filling you with praise, he could be playing with you.

It’s okay to make you feel good, but when the compliments are a bit excessive, he might be trying to distract you from something.

2. Just calls or sends text messages late.

In a few words, you are someone to have fun with.

This is a great sign that a man is playing with you because if he only sends you text messages late at night, how much could he really care about you?

He would be talking to you all day long often if he really liked you because he wanted to know how things are doing for you.

3. You do not go out in public when you have a date.

This is a particularly important sign if the reason is that the nocturnal dates at home are “more romantic”.

He tries playing with yourself by saying this. Actually, he does not want to take you out in public because he does not want to risk that you meet other girls he is also seeing.

He only does it for his own benefit.

4. You never know his friends.

If you are romantically involved with someone and the feelings are real, you know his friends and he knows yours.

They get involved in the lives of others.

And if the boy you’re seeing is not doing that, he’s playing with you.

Never meeting his friends only shows you that his friends may not even know about you.

If he does not tell his friends about you, does he really feel something for you? Probably not.
Which means he’s just using you for something completely different.

5. He does not talk much about himself.

How much do you know about the boy?

If you do not know anything other than the food he likes and his favorite color, he could be playing games with you.

By not giving you too many personal details, he is not forming a bond with yourself and the only reason to do so is if he plans to cut you soon.

6. He is vague about his whereabouts.

Couples generally communicate where they have been or what they have done during the day.

If you wonder what your man has been doing and he is very vague about it, he might be playing with you.

He has probably been in a place you would not like and does not want to tell you about that.

7. You just spend time together when it’s convenient for him.

Basically, you only get together when he’s free and he expects you to change your plans to accommodate that.

He does it because he does not have much time for all the people he is seeing.

This is also true because he does not want to plan things too early because he does not know when he will leave you.