How to go from friend to girlfriend – Conquering your best friend

How to go from friend to girlfriend

How to go from friend to girlfriend

If you have a special friend that you call “my best friend” and I you fell for him, do not worry because it happens and it’s not outrageous. You just have to give him some signs that I’m going to teach you next on how to go from friend to girlfriend so he pays attention to you as a partner and not as a friend:


1. As a first signal to conquer your best friend, you should have more contact with him, if you used to visit him a lot, from now on be his faithful friend, but not such a “friend”, remember that you want to be his girlfriend, not his friend. While spending more time together you will find the best moment to talk about your feelings.

2. Be seductive. If before as friends, you used to wear informal clothes, now begin to fix yourself more like you would with any guy you want to conquer. This way you will call his attention, you are telling him in silent that you are a woman who he can look with new eyes, not as friends.

3. Be clear, do not use insinuations because he will not understand. Be more loving, embrace him more, kiss him with greater intensity and closer to the mouth to hint that you’re going through something more than friendship.

4. Dare and Steal a kiss from him. After the above tactics, to steal a kiss will be easier. Observe his behavior, if he allows you to kiss him or rejects you. You’re playing yourself for him and obviously anything can happen.

5. Therefore be careful because as you are his friend you know if he has a girlfriend or likes another girl. In any of these situations you should forget about this guy, otherwise go ahead and try to conquer your “best friend”, because if his heart is free, you can steal it because nobody knows this guy better than you and you can make him love you. Remember to apply the typical flirtation tactics to attract a man, using all your weapons of seduction, which are surely many and you know them very well. You’re liking your “friend”, well, trust your woman instincts and go for him with all your confidence.