How To Find Partner In This 2019?

A few weeks ago we said goodbye to 2018, and with this, we also welcomed 2019: 365 new opportunities to be happy.

For some, this happiness focuses on professional dreams, others on family dreams, while many think about the joy that love offers them.

However, some feel insecure when meeting new people and, therefore, do not feel “able” to get a partner.

That is why we bring you some tips that will help you get into the real world and face your encounter with love with security and confidence.

How To Find Partner In This 2019?

1. Clear accounts.

You must always have clear what you want to achieve in a relationship.

Maybe you just want someone who is your “friend with rights”, a casual partner or you are looking for the true love of your life.

Whatever your goal, you must be sure of what you want, so you will know what you are going to look for.

2. Filter your options.

Do not get your hopes up with someone who is only looking for something for one night, if yours is to have something serious.

Do not want to cover the sun with just one finger, you will only end up in toxic relationships that will not give you any hint of happiness.

On the contrary, if you only want something subtle and fleeting, you should know how to identify someone who wants the same thing.

Do not become the executioner of someone who was excited about you.

From the beginning leave things clear, so you can know for sure the limit that may have your new relationship.

3. Now yourself.

Do a retrospective of what your love life has been in the past.

Find those weaknesses you have, as well as your strengths. That way, you can try to improve the first, while you power the second.

Also, analyze what is truly important to you in a relationship: what is love for you? How were your previous partners? What did you like about them?

4. Be careful with your social networks.

Be yourself, both on the Internet and in real life.

Do not think that by lying on social networks life will smile much more.

Virtuality and reality must be one thing for you.

Imagine that the internet is like your cover letter, and your real life is the final interview: one must be consistent with the other.

5. Assist groups of conquests.

Do not be afraid to try new places and strategies.

Although the modern world has ‘demonized’ applications such as Tinder or Badoo, these turn out to be very good tools to find someone special, if you really know how to use wisely the options they offer you.

Choose your filters with intelligence and reject the people you have to reject.

After all, they will never know.

Also, attend parties alone, these are perfect places to meet people who know what they really want and have the courage to risk new challenges, because, after all, it is not easy to arrive with insecurities and shyness to this type of sites.