How To Detect A Kept Man

Here we tell you how to detect a kept man. If you find one like that in your life Go away!

No woman would like to marry a man who does not do anything by himself and prefers to live on others, if you start to suspect that your new lover is not able to hold on, read on, we will help you know how to detect a kept man.

Kept men are very common, generally prefer to live at the expense of women who not only support them economically but with work at home and parenting of children, guide yourself with these signals and take that man out of your life.

Pay a lot of attention to these signals, because first of all the ideal would be to have as a companion a man capable of complementing you in all senses and not on who you have to support yourself.

Look how to identify a kept man:

How To Detect A Kept Man

1. He always depends on others.

If his best friend does not lend money to him, his mother lends it to him, but since he can not generate his income, he lives in debt, even though he appears to have a good economic position.

2. He wants to live with you as soon as possible.

And not because he seeks a greater commitment, but because he seeks a roof, this sign also has the aspect that he does not have a steady address.

3. He forgot his wallet.

Often these men have excuses not to use their money, one of them is that he loses or forgets his wallet just when he has to pay for something.

4. He is not independent beyond the financial.

He is dependent for other things, such as to wash his clothes or cooking, because he does not know how to do it.

5. Emotionally unstable.

Kept men are financially dependent men, but not only that, but they are also emotionally.

One day they are incredibly kind and tender, and the next they become ogres because their very personal state makes them fickle before the facts they can not control.

If you discover one or more of these attitudes in your partner, you have time not to become his sponsor.