How get a guy to kiss you

Have you ever dated a man who is too shy to make the first move regardless to his first kiss? Here we give you some tips for that guy to decide to kiss you once and
for all:

How get a guy to kiss you

How get a guy to kiss you

How get a guy to kiss you

Keep your lips irresistible

You can exfoliate them by rubbing them with a damp warm towel, it is also useful to spread a bit of petroleum jelly at night or some regenerating balm. Daily apply a
natural glow, but that it is not sticky or have glitter.

Make him stay near you

Any excuse is good, an eyelash in the eye, try him to smell your perfume, etc. As long as you stay close to his face he may be encouraged to go that last mile to your

Try being alone with him

If you go out with a group of friends, tell him to walk with you see a store. Take his hand, give him confidence, and cause approaches that could lead to a kiss.

Keep eye contact

Sometimes an intense look is all you need to take the next step. Let him know with your eyes that you like him, and soon you will be joining your lips.

Take the initiative

If all else fails, you take the initiative! Many guys are afraid because they do not understand what the girl wants. So embrace him, take his face in your hands
and kiss him! You will see that you will be reciprocated.

You will see that after applying these tips, he won’t stop kissing you. Good Luck!

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