First date tips for women

First date tips for women

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Have you gotten a date with the guy you like and do not know how to behave? Are you very anxious or your nerves betray you? Calm down is normal! It happens to all us when we have to go out with that guy that steals our attention and it is not easy to be thinking all the time what to say or trying not get it wrong for him to like you, so we leave this list of some of the best first date tips for women.

First date tips for women

Do not dress provocatively

If you are already with him, it means he saw something in you that he likes, it is not necessary that you get dressed very provocatively or that you bathe yourself in perfume if you do it rudely chances are he will not like it.

Look him in the eyes

This never fails, it is the best way to show him that you are paying attention and you care about what he thinks, also when a girl looks into the eyes of a man and smiles he can not resist it.

Do not be insecure

Men like confident women and that are clear about what they want. They pay more attention to a woman who is independent in her life, they find most appealing to conquer a woman that controls her own life.

Tell him what you think about him

When he tells you a joke, laugh, make him feel important and show your fascination for him, this will serve you to show him how well you spend it around him, but be careful not to choke him, do not overdo it or lie.

Be fun

As well as women like the guys to have a good sense of humor this is also valid for men, they also love women who have a good sense of humor.

Pay attention to what he says

It is known that women talk more than they listen and that men are very direct when they say things, so listen to what he says when he speaks to show him you care and do not interrupt if he asks your opinion, tell him what you think.

Do not show yourself in a way that you’re not

If you think you’re being false or are very exaggerated in trying to get his attention you will lose chances with him, if there’s something you do not like, tell him, he’s not going to kill you for that, plus couples have their differences and different tastes can also get to coexist without problems.

Be spontaneous

What would happen if you go to the movies and there are not enough seats to watch it as you planned to and must wait until the next function 2 hours later? Being able to get out of a boring situation quickly and being funny, are qualities you can not miss to have if you want to conquer that man.


This is a natural quality in women and is very common to show when something moves us, guys also like this as it is a completely feminine feeling. It’s nice for them when a woman is sensitive and if you are tender with them, even better.

I can not estress this First date tips for women. So please, follow them to letter. Good luck!

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