Do you always fall in love with the wrong man

Do you always fall in love with the wrong man

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In a survey of “Life Is Not Pink” I read that you had to kiss 79 people before finding your soulmate, so we should not despair. Then it becomes true the phrase of “kissing frogs until one becomes prince”.

Do you always fall in love with the wrong man

But what happens if we go by the 84th frog? What happens when all the guys we choose end up hurting us and none achieved even remotely to become the prince?

There are women that go from loser to loser without seeing the end of the tunnel and although we have learned to spot the signs and turn away from the imminent dangers, do not end up choosing better.

Inquiring with professionals about this subject and after reading lots of articles about it, I share 5 tips that I’m putting to test to see if the next frog turns into a prince or at least a decent guy to share some quality time:

1. Define your concepts

Why the ones that came earlier were bad? What characteristics shared that made them poor candidates? Each of us has different answers to this but it is important to define what is “bad”, ie what we don’t want to find again. Let’s be realistic and objective, if your tendency is guys with girlfriends this is bad, although the guy in question is good.

In the same way, we should define what is “good” for us, what we would like to find and what should complement us as people. Let us be very clear with our list and really analyze the pattern of behavior that we are following and traits of personalities that we tend to attract. Once identified will be much easier to reject them from the beginning, before we engage the heart again.

2. Change your habits

Everything in life is habits, from how we bathe to how we choose our mates and how we build our relationships. Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same things expecting a different result … this is not just madness but a waste of time.

Once we identified the pattern of behavior of them we must identify our own and start to change. Break them, do something different … If is always you who sends a message, do not do it! If you’re the one who is expected to send him the message, send it now! We lose nothing by trying, perhaps on the way we’ll take a few more hits but nothing we have not experienced before. And, hopefully, by changing our habits we end up finding a completely unexpected profile.

There are things that can not be changed, as the attraction to guys with beards or thick eyebrows (projection to 100%), or you can change the fact that you like the darker than blond, but we can modify the way how we relate to them and the different behaviors we’re looking.

In love, there is 80% chemistry, but the other 20% is 100% brain and this can be controlled.

3. Trust your instincts

The woman who tells me that her 6th sense did not warn her about the loser she was going out with, I invite her to have a coffee. I firmly believe that deep down, maybe deep down, we all hear warning signals but decide to ignore them.

As part of this change of habits, set a goal to listen to your instincts. And act accordingly. Shouldn’t you call him? Something inside tells you to loosen up the phone and wait? Loose the phone and wait. You could surprise yourself.

Instinct is also the answer to how we should react to many situations. It may be that you have done everything according to your convictions and suddenly the guy results being married or with 10 girlfriends. Then the difference in how you react to this.

4. Set limits

And you respect them first. Establish how you would like things to be within a couple and act according to that. If you do not like your sleep interrupted, do not answer calls after some time. If you love to party at 1 p.m. then nothing happens if he calls at 12 and invites you. All depends on what you want for yourself, what you are willing to give, what you are willing to tolerate and what you know you deserve.

5. Stop searching

One of the main reasons why we make bad choices in love is for fear of being alone or for an uncontrollable need to feel loved and desired. This usually goes hand in hand with our self-esteem, then the first step is to work on ourselves. Once you have mastered it the most likely is that you spend it so well with yourself that you probably won’t even care.

Then your standards will change. For me, the decision at this point in my life before accepting a date is: Will I spend a better time with him than with myself doing whatever I plan to do? If you spend a better time with your friends or with your dog or your books, stay home … probably he’s not the one.

Now, neither close your mind, here comes again the instinct. Give yourself a chance to meet those who approach but, for the second date, you know if you’re going to spend it better with him, if he has potential for what you want and deserve, or not.

I hope these tips will answer the question Do you always fall in love with the wrong man? Good luck!

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