Disadvantages of Dating a Senior Man

It is good to take into account all aspects before starting a relationship: good and bad.

Will it be the right person for you?

Discover it!

We already talked about the good side, but as in everything there are 2 sides.

It is time to sit down to think about what would be the things that we could call negative when dating someone older than you.

Here are some of them:

Disadvantages of Dating a Senior Man

1. He will be authoritarian.

He is supposed to be more mature than you, but this can make him think that because of his experience he is always right, which will make him believe that he can tell you things in a different tone than he should.

2. He will not have so much time.

And this has a reason for being:

He is a busy man. Unlike someone contemporary to you, he may have more things to do, more work, more pending inquiries …

3. He will be somewhat insecure.

Contrary to what one thinks, he will have his doubts about the subject of age.

This can cause jealousy in him because of the younger men around you as they could get your attention.

4. He might no longer be interested in going out.

His priorities will be others and his diversions, too.

Age does not come alone, fatigue accompanies it. So he probably does not like the idea of going out every weekend.

Anyway, the only one who can know for sure if the age difference is not a problem is you.

Analyze the situation well and remember what you liked in the first instance of that person.

Will it be worthwhile to continue with someone older than you?