Conversations You Should Avoid On Your First Date

You are ready for your first date and you don’t want it to go wrong, here we tell you the conversations you should avoid on your first date.

What are the 8 conversations that you should avoid on your first date?

First dates can be somewhat uncomfortable but very exciting. The first impression is super important and if we really like it obviously we want to keep going out and have a second date. But for that, there are issues that we should avoid when we meet someone for the first time.

These are the conversations you should avoid on your first date:

Conversations You Should Avoid On Your First Date

1. The exes.

This is more than forbidden, let’s leave our love past behind, those issues are discussed with friends not with whom could become your future boyfriend.

2. Sexual experience.

I think that it is not necessary to say it but nobody wants to know about your sexual experience through the years, that is discussed when you already know yourselves better.

3. Medical history.

He should not know all your medical history, such as an allergy or something similar, those things are said when you are already in a more formal relationship.

But there is the case of telling your medical situation if it is a disease that can affect him.

4. There is no talk of sex.

It is not a golden rule since talking about sex can be something very entertaining, it just depends on what type of relationship you are looking for.

And if you are going to talk about sex, start with things very common, if not he can get a wrong idea of ​​you.

5. About money.

It is not correct to talk about money, if you talk about how much you have, your partner will think that you are conceited and greedy and if it is the opposite he may think that you only care about money or that you complain a lot.

We better leave the economic issues for the future.

6. About children.

You are barely knowing the person, it is not yet known if the relationship will be serious or not.

Let us leave the future plans for the future and not for the first date.

7. Everything about yourself.

The “me”, “I” all the time can be very annoying, let him also participate in the conversation, not everything must be about yourself.

Your first date is important for him to know you but you must also know him.

Do not ruin your opportunity to meet someone better by ruining your first date to get these issues out. It is always good to leave something to the imagination so that he wants to know you more in the future.