Common mistakes when flirting with a man

 Common mistakes when flirting with a man

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There are girls who have a natural ability to flirt and it seems that it costs them nothing to make them work. But many of us need a little push to avoid getting out of the lane and reaching the goal.

Flirting is a great way to let someone know we are interested, but not always so simple. Maybe in the past you’ve made any of these mistakes or that you’re making right now with the guy you’re trying to connect with.

Maybe you’re showing yourself too bold and this is beginning to frighten him. Maybe you’re taking the whole flirting thing too seriously and you forgot that the main thing when flirting with a guy is having fun.

Common mistakes when flirting with a man

1. Talking too much: When we get nervous, it’s super easy to start talking incessantly about anything you can think of, but this could hurt us. If you have the need to fill the awkward spaces with unnecessary chatter, better make him a question that can start a new conversation.

2. Lie: If you’re talking to the guy you like, it is normal to say a couple of white lies to try to have more in common with him, but this is something you should avoid at all costs. When you’re talking to a guy, you should feel free to express everything you think and be yourself.

3. Strive too much: Do not over think! Flirting should not be something planned and calculated, but should come out naturally and without stressing you out. Obviously, note the tips that most serve you, but remember that the most important thing is having fun.

4. Only talking about you: When flirting, is more likely that a guy will be attracted to you if he notices that you are interested in his personal life. Obviously, you’re an amazing girl, but you must give him the time to realize it himself.

5. Being too whiny: If you spend the entire conversation complaining about things that bother you about yourself or about anything, surely will get him bored very soon. Nobody likes a negative girl!

6. Play dumb: This is the most common mistake and is the least that works when talking to a guy. They no longer want innocent girls who can not fend for themselves, but independent women with a mature mind and a lot of initiative.

These are some of the most  Common mistakes when flirting with a man. Avoid them at all cost for you to succeed in conquering a great guy. Good luck!

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