Attracting the right man – 10 Tips to attract a man

Since a long time ago, the game of seduction is not longer exclusive to men. Today women can take the first step to love the right person. So you don’t make mistakes, we’ll tell you how to conquer a man in 10 steps and attracting the right man.

Attracting the right man

Attracting the right man

Attracting the right man

1. Be yourself: Pretend is a bad start, do not try to be someone you are not. Men do like real women. The poses do not last long, your essence endures forever.

2. Love Yourself: Safety is the best weapon of seduction. It is well said that if you do not trust yourself, nobody can do it.

3. Watch your aspect: You do not need a model body or look like a doll to conquer him. Try to always look good, neat, cute and flirty. Do not forget that it is best to have your own style. Choose clothing that flatters your silhouette and highlight your attributes.

4. Keep the mystery: Though your task is to conquer him, that does not mean you give him everything on a silver platter. Play with him and put a bit of trouble so he knows you fully. If you make it easy on him you lose interest.

5. Do not harass: Give him space; do not overdo it with messages, calls, details, etc., this will only make him want to escape.

6. Be fun: Good humor is a weapon of seduction. Laughter is one of the best ways to achieve complicity with another person. He will want to be with you just for a fun time.

7. Forget about your ex: If you’re meeting someone, forget the past and enjoy the present. There is nothing more uncomfortable than talking about people with whom you’ve been.

8. Do not talk too much: Telling him about your life and your tastes should not be a monologue; sure he’ll get bored. Give him space to express himself and show yourself interested at all times. Make him see that you can have different types of conversations, but above all that you know how to listen.

9. Surprise him: Details always make someone feel special. You can prepare a romantic dinner or just bring him to some fun place to have a good time instead.

10. All in good time: Seducing him will not be easy, but do not get bogged down and enjoy it. Be patient and do not rush. Things must flow alone.

Follow these simple tips to conquer that special man, but remember this is only a guide, the most important is to have attitude and of course be unique and authentic. Good luck!